Latest Russian Jet Fighter Revealed – Su-57 Blasts Competition

The Su-57 is here. It’s the latest development in the on-going battle to see who can produce the most effective killing machines. Most aviation experts will agree that the Russians lead the way when it comes to inventing jet propulsion systems. Their space exploration capabilities are far ahead of those of their nearest rival, the […]

US Military – New Technology – Advanced Robotics

Sometimes fact really is stranger than fiction. Modern technology is advancing so quickly that new developments become incredulous. We are swiftly moving into the age of the robot. Viable androids are on the horizon. Drones are already here. Of course, military research is at the forefront of such ingenuity. It seems that nothing inspires homo […]

Micro – Thriller By Michael Crichton & Richard Preston

Micro by Michael Crichton & Richard Preston Michael Crichton of Jurassic Park fame died in 2008. Micro was published in 2011. Readers could be forgiven for thinking that a seance was used to pen this book. Unfortunately, the truth is more mundane. Crichton was already well forward with the story when he passed on. His […]

China To Open World’s longest Sea-bridge

The People’s Republic of China really knows how to get things done. Constructing huge bridges, erecting tall buildings in record time, arresting dissenting Muslim citizens, they are experts at it all. In the following clip, we get to see the longest sea bridge on our planet. This marine highway connects the islands of Macau and […]

Microsoft Co-founder Dies – Leaves $27 Billion

The co-founder of the software giant, Microsoft, has died aged 65 after a battle with cancer. Paul Allen first established the company with Bill Gates before a fall out led to his eventual resignation from the board. He had many investments from his share of Microsoft’s fortune and was involved in sports, medial research and […]