Rebel Voice is an Irish initiativecreated as a direct result of the failures of the Mainstream Media (MSM) in its coverage of world events and current affairs.

In our shared and bountiful world, there is widespread inequality and social deprivation almost entirely perpetrated by a small, extremely wealthy, and exceptionally powerful group of individuals known by Rebel Voice as The Surplass. This immoral cabal is a class within each of our communities that is surplus to requirements for building just and fair societies.

The Surplass are all, without exception, Capitalists. In this context, Capitalism is  defined by the psychology and the prevailing mindsets that allow some to aggressively acquire whatever they want, regardless of consequence to good people.

The global media today, most especially in the Western world, is owned by Capitalist corporations. These domineering outlets serve as centres of Capitalist propaganda. Institutions such as Hollywood and the wider ‘entertainment industry’ are also employed in perpetuating the myth that Capitalism is the only option available to national populations. They are used to insidiously condition and indoctrinate national populations into accepting the many inequalities and abuses that are an integral part of the capitalist system.

Capitalists will always work to further their own ends. It is for this reason that the Capitalist controlled MSM operate in a deceptive manner in their biased representations of global and domestic events. The MSM know that they must control the masses. Failure to do so would spell the certain end of elitist control. They would lose their greedy grip upon the reins of power. Should the MSM cease to hold the malign influence over the people that they currently enjoy, then capitalists would become starved, weakened and eventually extinct as a force.

Such is the importance of controlling the flow of information.

Although Rebel Voice is nascent, it is but one humble attempt to claw back some semblance of people power from those who would see the great majority on their knees in a subjugated society. Remember, we live in a world where there is more than enough food for every person. There are more than enough natural resources for every man, woman and child. There is more than enough space for everyone.

Supply is not the problem. Distribution is.

There are many areas where these battles can and will be fought. Rebel Voice has, for example, focused on Palestine and the actions of the rogue state of Israel there. Zionism is similar in nature to capitalism as defined above. The two ideologies often goosestep hand in hand over the rights and lives of good people. It will be seen that when Zionism is no longer a threat to world peace, then capitalism will be considered to have taken a heavy blow.

Success against an immoral Israel is a gauge of success against rampant and immoral Capitalism.

In Ireland, there are many social and political problems. The British colony in the north of the island, known as the Occupied Six Counties (OSC), is a precursor of the Zionist state of Israel. Both are artificially engineered, political entities based upon a sectarian headcount. Both are gerrymanders created to ensure the dominance of an introduced group over those who are indigenous. Irish people empathize strongly with Palestinians as both have endured the horrors of colonialism. Rebel Voice will attempt to highlight this suffering and the injustice forced upon both peoples.

Yet, like Palestine, Ireland has its section of the national population that espouses Capitalist views. This sickness must be confronted wherever it is found. Independent Media Outlets (IMO), such as Rebel Voice serve an important role in combating the incessant misinformation and disinformation that is spewed into the homes and heads of the people by the MSM.

This Rebel Voice site also contains poetry and book reviews, as well as some social commentary and humorous stories and videos to be used as a break from the heavier issues. There is also selected music designed as a soundtrack for the Global Revolution that is now so necessary.

If Rebel Voice can manage to open the minds of some, and inform the minds of others, then it will have served its purpose. Social apathy is the iron rod used by The Surplass to effect control. Let that rod be broken. Let the people awake. It’s our world. Let’s take it back…

Rebel Voice

Ireland’s Independent Media Centre