The author was born into a working class Catholic family, in the wider Nationalist community, within the Irish Occupied Six Counties (OSC).

He grew up under the state oppression that was enforced by the (British) Unionist regime that controlled the region at that time. The civil service, legal system, media and ‘law’ enforcement were all used as tools for maintaining ¬†Unionist supremacy over a persecuted minority. The author witnessed and experienced some of the hardships meted out on a regular basis to the Nationalist community at the behest of the worst excesses of Unionism.

All of this took place against a backdrop of war, as Irish Republicans confronted those in control of the sectarian gerrymander that made up the OSC. Beatings, shootings, bombings and institutionalized discrimination were part and parcel of life in that part of Ireland, and understandably played a major role in shaping the views of those who suffered as a result.

It is these experiences that have led many from OSC Nationalism and Republicanism to feel a strong affinity with the beleaguered people of Palestine, who have suffered, and continue to suffer, the greatest of injustices at the hands of Israel and its supporters.

This blog is designed to mostly air serious political and social viewpoints, as well as adding eclectic articles and¬†a touch of humour every now and then. The author states, ‘life would be incredibly grey without the occasional laugh, and it’s often a very harsh and ill-divided world that we share. Piss-taking helps, I think, to lighten the burdens of life. That said, there is an overwhelming amount of not-so-funny news that can be and should be commented upon, if only to keep us from falling into the Capitalist trap of social apathy.’

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