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Category: Poetry

Poetry 3

The Wedding

                           The Wedding   The sheltered grassy haven, encircled by a stream, Caught memories of old, now held in time, Where Elfin folk would play, would dance, their music of […]

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                          Surreality A restless night with sweat-soaked sheets, conjures images of blood-filled streets and pain. Cetaceans mourn for […]

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Quo Vadis?

Quo Vadis? … the masochistic milk of human blindness that fuels low self-esteem that nourishes neglected youth when confidence slips sadly, silently between the cracks of childhood… … success becomes […]

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Survivor’s Creed

Survivor’s Creed … the souls beyond despondency hollowed to Hell’s Standard that causes a collapse of function into temporary oblivion to re-boot, re-ignite, replenish the will…   … the echoes […]