When The World Shall Weep – Verse By A.D.

In the following piece of verse, the author comments upon the need for our species to collectively grieve for all of the children in the world, especially those who die due to preventable causes, so that Death may be held at bay. The poem is both a lament and ode to hope. If the entire planet was focused upon Childcentricity, would we be better able to reduce the power that Death currently holds over us? Rebel Voice likes to think so.


When The World Shall Weep


When one child dies, the World must weep

in tortured grief that steals all sleep,

for Death steps light, a callous thief,

who prowls our nights with sharpened teeth

to heed not tears nor lonely sighs

but sojourns near the parent’s cries

to feed yet more, if unrestrained,

if left to roam the homes in pain,

but shudders hard at focused thought

that loops the beast and pulls love taut.


We stand as one. We stand opposed

to callous thieves that steal young souls.


We share the pain. We share the loss.

We stand as one. We heft the Cross

so Death will know we watch. We see.

So Death will fear our unity.


Thus shall we rise from slumbers, deep.

For when one child dies,

the World must weep.


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