Citizen Smith – Abide With Me

Here is another installment from the life of Wolfie Smith as he fights for the British proletariat against the ravages of the Capitalist system – and then goes for tea and scones. If you enjoyed this, please share

Convoy – Road Movie Theme Song

Here is the renowned theme song from the 1978 Sam Peckinpah movie starring Kris Kristofferson. The song was released in 1975 by C.W. McCall and Chip Davis. You may want to eat a Yorkie after watching this clip, whilst wearing a plaid shirt. Note: Yorkie refers to a bar of chocolate, not a small dog. […]

Citizen Smith – Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner

This episode is a blast from the past for some. Citizen Smith was Tooting’s answer to Che Guevara. He was a naive Marxist from south London who regularly found himself in all sorts of trouble with society. First broadcast in 1977, Citizen Smith is interesting for the clothes and attitudes to be found. It is […]