Top 10 Movie Disease Outbreaks

Is it on the way? Are we due a major pandemic that will threaten and perhaps destroy humanity? Hollywood seems to think so. There are a multitude of movies that deal with the subject of mass outbreaks of disease. The symptoms include everything from vampires to zombies. It’s almost as if the entertainment industry desires […]

Top 10 Scariest Movie Aliens – Part 2

Rebel Voice would be of the opinion that all aliens, space aliens that is (Trump, you listening?), would be scary, especially if they’re in the process of giving you a rectal exam with some weird vacuum cleaner type device. Can a creature that is not of this planet ever be regarded as not scary? Perhaps. […]

Top 10 Lawmen In Westerns

This will be a contentious list as every fan of the western genre has their own, very strong, opinions as to who should make this list. Rebel Voice would opt for Rooster Cogburn, the John Wayne version, as well as Woodrow McCall and Gus McCrae from the Lonesome Dove epic (they were Texas Rangers before […]

Top 10 Marvel Anti-heroes

Girls seem to like the bad boy, or so they say. Rebel Voice is unsure if this applies to slobbering, mutants, buy hey, who are we to judge? Marvel have many heroes, but an equal amount, if not more, anti-heroes. Some villains are all bad, but sometimes there are the few who act violently but […]

Top 10 Urban Legends That Turned Out To Be True

Hmm… urban legends, true or not? Is there a kernel of truth in some, or are they all fabricated, much like a politicians morality? In this video, we look at ten of the best known that are believed to be factual. If you enjoyed this, please share

Top 10 Hardest Things To Kill In Movies

The movie industry has captivated us for decades with creatures that are difficult to kill. Whether it is alien blobs, supernatural entities or bad acting (as in the case of both Sly Stallone and Arnie the Austrian Tit), we hold our breathes in the hope that the baddies will eventually be dispatched to that great […]

Top 10 Clint Eastwood Movies

Clint Eastwood has always been big at the box office. His movies span decades and have enthralled millions. He has been successful both in front and behind the camera. Westerns, military flicks, tough cops, vigilante and astronaut, big Clint has done it all, almost. Here is one list of his ten best. If you enjoyed […]