Red Dirt

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Red Dirt  by E.M. Reapy Hopper, Fiona and Murph are members of the shameful, coercive migration of Irish young people to Australia after the collapse of the Celtic (Papier Mâché) Tiger. For those of you unfamiliar with said circumstances, I will summarize. A shower of greedy bastards destroyed the economy of…

Cold Service – Novel By Robert B. Parker

Cold Service (2005) by Robert B. Parker Spenser is a Boston Private Investigator with a habit of attracting serious trouble. On this occasion, however, it’s his closest friend, Hawk, who finds himself in a whole heap of bother. Hawk has been shot and seriously wounded whilst trying to protect a client who subsequently ends up […]

Blood And Ashes & Blood Tracks – Novels By Matt Hilton

Blood and Ashes, Blood Tracks, by Matt Hilton For the first time since this site began, Rebel Voice has taken the unprecedented step of providing two reviews from the same author in the one article. The author is Matt Hilton and he has been reviewed previously by this blog. His previous efforts were acceptable. However, […]

The Fear Index – Novel By Robert Harris

The Fear Index by Robert Harris      [Please note, spoilers abound in this review] Dr Alex Hoffman is a genius. He was a former employee of the CERN research project before a psychological breakdown caused him to switch careers. Hoffman used his mathematical prowess to design a more independent and self-learning algorithm that could be […]

Altar Of Eden – Novel By James Rollins

Altar of Eden by James Rollins James Rollins is from the USA. You may remember him from such novels as Ice Hunt, Amazonia, Deep Fathom and Excavation. He is also a qualified vet (real name, James Paul Czajkowski) and it’s this occupation that plays a central role in Altar of Eden. Lorna Polk works at Acre, […]

The Crow Girl – Novel By Erik Axl Sund

The Crow Girl  by Erik Axl Sund Saga is an Old Norse word meaning an epic story, usually surrounding a family or person. Erik Axl Sund is a composite of both Jerker Eriksson and Hakan Axland Sundquist. Both men are Swedish. The Crow Girl is their first collaboration. It is a saga. Sofia Zetterlund is […]

Dark Matter – Novel By Greg Iles

Dark Matter by Greg Iles This is a high octane ride through the world of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and deals with the pros and cons of progressing too far too quickly in this field. As we become more fully immersed in the world of the internet, and as our western societies depend evermore completely upon […]

Winter Moon – Novel By Dean Koontz

Winter Moon  by Dean Koontz Montana is a beautiful place. It has mountains, forests and rivers. It’s a wilderness where a man can go to find himself if he has been so careless to have lost himself in the first place. But it can also be somewhere that is so isolated that, sometimes, no one […]

Djibouti – Novel By Elmore Leonard

Djibouti  by Elmore Leonard Djibouti is both a nation and capital city on the Horn of Africa. It borders Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia and is a fine setting for this thriller from the well-regarded Elmore Leonard. Dara Barr is an Oscar-winning US documentary maker seeking the next big story. She decides that Somali pirates are […]

The Thrill Of It All – Novel By Joseph O’Connor

The Thrill Of It All  by Joseph O’Connor Robbie Goulding is a Hiberno-English teenager in Luton, just outside London, with a normal longing for stardom. He has colourful parents, especially his Irish father, Jimmy, and an older brother with whom he maintains a healthy rivalry based on adoration. It’s when Robbie meets Fran Mulvey, a […]

Women – Novel By Charles Bukowski

Women   by Charles Bukowski Henry ‘Hank’ Chinaski is an alcoholic writer who maintains a complex relationship with the many women in his life. He’s a highly regarded poet who likes to get drunk and fight with his audiences at readings. He enjoys his literary groupies, often twice in one night and three times on a […]

Nyctophobia – Novel By Christopher Fowler

Nyctophobia  by Christopher Fowler Callie is a twenty-six-year-old English architect with some problems. She’s lost her job and her mother is an evil and vindictive banana. But it appears as if all has changed for the better when Callie meets Spanish businessman, Mateo. Although considerably older, and divorced with a nine-year-old daughter, the Andalusian gentleman […]