Indian Children Rescued From Prostitution Ring – Inhumans Arrested

The occurrence of child abuse is without doubt the greatest crime that can be perpetrated by one person against another. Children are the most trusting and vulnerable of our species. When inhumans deliberately harm them, it stands as a terrible act of inhumanity. India is a vast nation with a huge population, many of them […]

Children Taught Self-defence In India’s Slums

This is a great program that has been started in India by those who care about children’s welfare. Martial arts classes are being provided for all the young, including those who might not be able to access them otherwise, due to financial constraints. Training children in this way is beneficial in many ways. It creates […]

Israeli Children Conditioned To Believe Palestine Doesn’t Exist

The policies of the rogue state of Israel are well known by this time. Apartheid, ethnic cleansing, intimidation, abductions and state-sponsored murder are all tactics warmly embraced by the Zionist regime as it moves to annex all of Palestine. Yet there is one more strategy that Israel uses in it supremacist approach to Middle East […]

Rohingya Children Helped To Feel Young Again

The genocide being perpetrated against the Rohingya minority of Myanmar is known but was not as well shared as it should have been. Although the most serious abuse has petered out, there is still the not inconsequential matter of how the Rohingya refugees are being treated. Foremost among these victims of Myanmar oppression and brutality […]

Three Children Starve To Death In India

When Rebel Voice reads about children that have died from avoidable causes, a wave of despair washes over this site. In Ireland, children are becoming obese because their (often financially strapped) parents feed them cheap processed crap, and don’t take the time to go outside to enjoy nature and partake in exercise. Additionally, food products […]

Bangladeshi Children In Drowning Epidemic – ‘15,000’ Per Year

The numbers quoted in this article, if accurate, are truly shocking. If even one child dies from drowning, it is one too many. But to speak in the thousands is gut-wrenchingly bad. Conditions for many children, perhaps even most children, around our world are tough and dangerous. They live at the mercy of adults. Adults […]

Child Victims Of Israeli Crimes Against Humanity – Photos And Names

Of all of the innocent Palestinian victims of Israeli aggression, none tear at the heart so terribly as those who are children. There have been so many. Some are teenagers, some not. Some are toddlers, some babies. All should still be with us. Sometimes there are no words strong enough to describe the monsters who […]

Israeli Minister Calls For Bombs On Palestinian Children

Naftali Bennett is Israeli Minister of Education and Minister of Diaspora Affairs. He is also a Major in the Israeli military reserve, having previously served in the Israeli Forces of Occupation. Although born in Western Palestine (known by some as Israel), Bennett’s family came from San Francisco as squatters to settle on stolen Palestinian land. […]

Palestinian Boy Paralyzed By Israeli Sniper

Yet again, the rogue state of Israel has committed a Crime Against Humanity. This time, one of their murderous snipers has shot and paralyzed a boy, Nureddin Abu Bakr, in Gaza. The uniformed Zionist criminal will escape all charges and remain free, whilst the child must face into a bleak future of struggle and torment. […]

Palestinian Boy Blinded By Israel

In this short clip, we meet the young Palestinian boy, Hassan Tamimi, who was left blind after the Israeli regime abducted him from the streets on charges of throwing stones, before refusing to allow him his medication. They held him for 2 months. The result was that the child lost his ability to see. His […]

Yemeni Children Speak Of Their Experiences

In this emotionally tough video, children from Yemen recount their lives during a war perpetuated by the US, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Israel. As the rulers of these regimes play their vile games, the children of Yemen suffer and often die. It is all to appease the inflated egos and callous desires of a very […]