Children Who Starve And Children Who Suffer – Who Can Turn Away?

The following short clips looks at the reality for many children today that sees them hunger, and often die, from a preventable lack of food. In some nations excess food is thrown into bins. In others, children search through bins for enough scraps to keep themselves alive. It’s a terrible crime. It’s a horrific sin […]

Children Of Our World In Trauma

This short but haunting piece of video highlights the ways in which the children of the Earth are being failed by humanity. There are no words sufficient to describe the horrors that children face in an increasingly callous and selfish global society. Rebel Voice strongly recommends that everyone watch this clip, and then spare a […]

Childcentricity The Answer To Humanity’s Problems

As even the most casual observer takes a look at our global societies, it can be seen that there remains a terrible shortage of care and protection for the most vulnerable of our species, our children. In the UK, for example, schools are still being closed as the number of children increases. In 2012, there […]

Children Or Pets, Who Do We Care For?

Rebel Voice was listening to an Irish radio station recently, and it had a piece about a job that was on offer involving nothing other than cuddling cats. I shit you not, cuddling cats. The idea was that, after surgery, the felines need some human contact to reassure them. The clinic that was seeking a […]

Childcentric Focus for the Future

I believe there to be nothing so abhorrent as the killing of children. Across the world today, there are numerous groups, state-led and otherwise, who care nothing for the lives of the young. Whether it is Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Myanmar, Palestine or any of the other multitude of conflict zones, children are always forced to […]