India: The Child Sex Highway (Shocking Report)

India is a diverse nation of some 1.3+ billion people. It suffers from endemic poverty with levels of social deprivation among the worst anywhere on the planet. Sadly, as elsewhere, those most victimised by social ills are children.

The young of India are often to be found in a terrible state due to family, community and governmental neglect and abuse. The high incidence could easily be regarded as crimes against humanity perpetrated by a government who will fund military expansion whilst leaving the children to be grow up in filth, squalor, terror and any manner of abuse. Many children don’t make it to adulthood due to preventable diseases, avoidable accidents and murder.

The numbers of dead children in India is unknown as not all deaths or disappearances are reported. It’s a sickening statement upon not only India and its rulers, but upon the entire human species that this continues unabated. The following presentation is but one aspect of the abuse suffered by the young and vulnerable of the second most populous nation on our planet.

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  1. Mitch

    Very powerful documentary – well done to the production team at AlJazeera – Ashish & Drew … I would appreciate if you could get in touch via email, as I would like to contribute/donate towards Balram’s efforts in educating his daughters


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