Migrant Children At Risk – New Study Shows Shocking Statistics

Rebel Voice has repeatedly broached the subject of child abuse across the planet. It is our position on this site that there is nothing more abhorrent than the deliberate harming of a child, whether such abuse is physical, emotional, psychological or sexual. The newspapers and TV screens are filled with horrific stories of how the […]

Icelandic Children Excel At Chess In Progressive Teaching Standards

There are many methods employed globally to assist in the teaching of children. Not all are universally accepted as being beneficial. Many could be regarded as fads destined to fade as the next trend emerges. However, in Iceland teachers have begun promoting the game of chess as a progressive learning tool for the young. It’s […]

US Security Contractors Tasked With Caging Immigrant Children

It’s a story that won’t and shouldn’t go away. Immigrant children taken from their parents by US Federal agents and housed in dorms, tens and cages. They are moved around the country without their parents knowing where they are at. Some are toddlers. The danger is not just physical, it is also emotional and psychological. […]

13-year-old Ochanya Ogbanje’s Murder Inspires Nigerian Protests

Ochanya Ogbanje was still a child when sent to live with her aunt and uncle so that she could continue her education. It was in that home that she was repeatedly beaten, drugged, raped and abused over a period of time. Eventually her body could take no further punishment and she died in hospital at […]

European Paedophiles Targeting Nepalese Children

Cubes. Hollow concrete cubes with only the food and heat necessary to keep the residents alive. No mental stimulation. No conversation. No contact with any other person. No lights. No fresh air. Just the Cubes. One door. No windows. No colour. One hole in the floor for toiletry needs. One thin mattress. Cubes. The incidence […]