Sicily’s Underage Sex Trade – Mafia, Paedophiles And Exploitation

Most observers of the human condition will have noted that if there is an opportunity to exploit, then there will always be those who will engage in exploitation. Whether it be politics, banks, drugs or, in this case, the sex industry, societies will throw up unscrupulous individuals and even organisations that will work tirelessly to screw the rest without mercy.

In the following presentation, we see how young girls are being coerced and forced into the sex trade. Many of these victims are underage and little more than children, yet they are being subjected to demeaning and dangerous activities facilitated by organised crime and funded by sexual deviants.

It is said that the first step in dealing with a problem is identifying the problem. Once we accept that Homo Sapiens will always have morally vacuous people striving for positions of power, then surely we can move to counter their negative behaviour? Rebel Voice has formed the opinion that our social structures reward those with little or no conscience. Communities are made up of mostly good people, yet it’s the bad who too often attain the reins of power. Is this a perfect example of a meritocracy whereby merit is perversely awarded on the basis of moral corruption?

Articles on child abuse, such as the one that follows, could be interpreted as a clear sign of the failings within our societies that we know exist yet do nothing substantial to negate. Why does Rebel Voice think this? Well, individual people are not daft. They realise when there are gross injustices at play, such as the sexual exploitation of children. The grapevine is strong and, additionally, the media has been telling citizens for generations. Yet this abhorrent activity has been continuing for centuries and longer. It would seem that we know and perhaps care, just not enough to go out of our way in acting to prevent it.

Have a look at what is taking place in Sicily as the toxic dregs of society manipulate and use those who are vulnerable enough, and desperate enough, to slip through the cracks in our broken societies.

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