Palestine Looks To International Criminal Court For Elusive Justice

The people of Palestine have been waiting more than 70 years for the justice that has been denied them. They have endured more than any nation should ever be expected to. The UN has repeatedly failed them. Israel has committed atrocity after atrocity, yet remains untouched by the international community. It seems that if the […]

Israel Lashes Out At Nations Who Favour Human Rights

The Zionist regime has decided to try to punish those nations who voted for an independent inquiry into the massacre of civilians in Gaza recently. Israel has painted itself into a corner with its brutality and is now lashing out in all directions at those who would see justice done for Palestine. There is no […]

At 70: Let’s let israel implode — Uprootedpalestinians’s Blog

At 70: Let`s let Israel implode Israel’s democratic farce is collapsing, but little can be done today to challenge this from within Zionist institutions Marcelo Svirsky They are desperate as they have never been before. In their impatience and immoderation, Israel’s institutions hasten, with their own hands, the end of Zionism. We might even see […] […]

The Dead Zone – Stephen King Novel

The Dead Zone  by Stephen King This classic, by the master horror writer, was first published in 1977 but has aged remarkably well. It’s strange to think that some readers of such fiction today were not even a glint in their sexed-up father’s eye when King penned The Dead Zone. In fact, there may be […]

Illustrated History Of The Oppression Of Palestine

This short animated sequence speaks of the terrible treatment that the people of Palestine have suffered at the bloodied hands of Zionists who invaded their land. The reasons for the current conflict are not complex. Foreign nationals, fleeing from persecution in Europe, arrived in Palestine and proceeded to expel the indigenous people. They justified their […]

Jack Lukeman – Irish Folk – The Minstrel Boy

This is a solid standard in the Irish folk tradition, here performed by the wonderful Jack L. If there’s one thing that Ireland does well, it’s to produce songs of sadness and loss. Rebel Voice says that’s all very well, but fuckin’ hell, let’s have some victories to write a few verses about. We could […]

Male Lion Takes Down Water Buffalo

Caution: this video contains scenes that might disturb those of a sensitive disposition. Nature is beautiful. It is also brutal. There is little sentiment in the battle between predator and prey, hunter and hunted. The following footage demonstrates the struggle for survival that takes place every day on the plains of Africa. It may make […]