M82 Barrett .50 Calibre Sniper Rifle

In this video, we get an introduction to the Barrett M82 .50 Sniper Rifle. This is a serious piece of hardware. It is designed for disabling vehicles with pinpoint accuracy. If used on personnel, the results are devastating. The Provisional IRA were said to have used the Barrett during their war against British forces in […]

Weapons Of War – A-10 Thunderbolt II – Tank Buster

Various versions of this aircraft have been used in the threatre of war since its introduction in 1976. It is known as a tank-buster due to both its missile capabilities and the armour piercing rounds that it’s mini-gun uses. Although much slower than other jets, the A-10 has a heavily armoured cockpit to protect from […]

New Russian Low-level Military Aircraft To Be Produced

Governments around the world always appear to have sufficient funds to develop or purchase weapons systems. Yet ask them why they don’t provide free healthcare or education for their populace and they plead poverty. As our planet gears up for yet another global war, instigated this time by the Axis Of Evil that is the […]

AA-12, Fully Auto Military Shotgun

There is no shortage of deadly weapons available to the world’s military. Recently, a new product has entered the market. The AA-12 is a fully automatic shotgun designed for use in the military arena. It will also, no doubt, be used in police force operations. The shells come in a number of varieties including an […]