Russia’s New Drones A Challenge To US Aerial Supremacy?

Wars are increasingly being fought remotely. Whether it’s the use of ballistic missiles or airforce military strikes or cyber-war, there is an increased tendency by the major powers to avoid putting feet on the street of foreign lands, unless those feet are not those of your own troops.

One sector that is growing exponentially is the of UAVs or unmanned aerial vehicles. These technological marvels are constantly in the headlines. Controllers sit in sterile rooms using their joysticks and monitors to survey and attack distant targets. They apparently have little compunction in destroying civilian targets. Killing at a distance removes or at least lessens the guilt that accompanies the taking of innocent life. Victims become characters in a vile video game. This is not progress in any humanitarian way.

Russia is to the fore in developing drone technology. The following video looks at one of the Russian creations, built in opposition to the US’s march forward in this sector. Heaven help us all.

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