Top 10 Fictional Space Stations

Space: the final frontier (in the world of real estate). There’s just so much of it that anyone can afford a piece if you can only get to it. Here are some places to stay on your journey there.

Global Warming And The Cities That Will Go Under

With so much fierce debate surrounding global warming and subsequent rising sea levels, the following article looks at some of the cities that will be worst affected by such a catastrophe. It appears that there is a tipping point, a line that once crossed is impossible to get back over. Where that marker is, no […]

10 Best Science Fiction Movies?

There are too many great sci-fi movies to be viewed in one sitting – unless you are Sheldon Cooper – yet it is entertaining to take a peek at some of the most recent or best known. In this list, we get a glimpse at those that concern apocalyptic events. – If you enjoyed this, […]

China’s New Record-breaking Bridge

This article look at the recent opening of the longest sea-bridge in the world which was constructed by the socialist government of China. It is great to see the engineering prowess of East Asia on display for the world to see. – If you enjoyed this, please share –

180 MPH+ Powerboat – Florida Run

For fans of the ocean, viewing powerboats at full pelt will give a rush. These stylish and immensely powerful vessels are not only beautiful, they can also really move. In this clip it requires a chopper to keep up with the boat, to film, as it hits its maximum. For most of us, even sitting […]

10 Illegal Military Weapons

Homo Sapiens are experts at inventing ever more efficient means of killing one another. We have moved from using the leg-bone of a Woolly mammoth when bashing a skull, to dropping nuclear bombs on civilians populations just to see what will happen. No other species can compare with ours when it comes to random, brutal, […]

Top 10 UFO Sightings Not Debunked

Is the truth out there? Or is it really just an opportunity for others to make money upon the thought? The following short looks at some of the alleged UFO contacts that have not yet been proven to be fake. Rebel Voice is of the humble opinion that given that there are billions of stars […]