10 Illegal Military Weapons

Here’s another chance to watch this fascinating video about banned weaponry, some of which is employed across the world today.

Rebel Voice

Homo Sapiens are experts at inventing ever more efficient means of killing one another. We have moved from using the leg-bone of a Woolly mammoth when bashing a skull, to dropping nuclear bombs on civilians populations just to see what will happen. No other species can compare with ours when it comes to random, brutal, unnecessary and widespread violence against our own kind.

The following piece looks at a few of the weapons created but frowned upon by the international community. Although the video states that the weapons are illegal, it will be found that some of them are in use today by those in league with western powers and are therefore deemed acceptable, just so long as the civilians who perish are the ‘right sort’. It’s enough to make a person pack up and move to Mars…

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