10 Illegal Military Weapons

Originally posted on Rebel Voice:
Homo Sapiens are experts at inventing ever more efficient means of killing one another. We have moved from using the leg-bone of a Woolly mammoth when bashing a skull, to dropping nuclear bombs on civilians populations just to see what will happen. No other species can compare with ours when…

Trump’s Speech On Iran And It’s Claims Assessed

Donald Trump is nothing if not consistent. He has repeatedly made exaggerated or misleading or false claims about any number of nations and/or individuals. If his nonsense was confined to Stormy Daniels then it wouldn’t be such a problem. However, it now seems inevitable that the US and Israel will eventually find a way to […]

Famous US Author On Government Lies

‘You tried to tell people the whole thing was a lie, nothing but a baldfaced naked lie, that nuclear-generated power was eventually going to kill millions and render huge tracts of land sterile and unlivable. What you got back was a blank stare. You talked to people who had lived through one administration after another […]

Night School

Night School   by Lee Child I find it difficult to know which approach to adopt when reviewing this novel. I like the Jack Reacher series. I like it a lot. I enjoy Reacher’s style. I appreciate his no nonsense avoidance of the squelchy morality that we so often find in other stories and movies. […]

Italy Now A Target For Nuclear Attack

The information contained in this report is shocking. It would appear that certain, supposedly non-nuclear, European countries are being used to store US tactical nuclear weapons. Apart from the obvious dangers posed by accidental leakage of toxic material, there is the added danger that when a nation becomes a housing station for such weaponry, it […]