Trump’s Speech On Iran And It’s Claims Assessed

Donald Trump is nothing if not consistent. He has repeatedly made exaggerated or misleading or false claims about any number of nations and/or individuals. If his nonsense was confined to Stormy Daniels then it wouldn’t be such a problem. However, it now seems inevitable that the US and Israel will eventually find a way to launch a full scale war upon Iran. Should they succeed, then the consequences for all of us will be severe and not limited to within the sphere of oil prices.

The following piece looks at the inaccuracies contained within Donald Trump’s recent speech.

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2 Responses

  1. Anna

    Donald Trump is dead set on undoing everything that Obama put in place, trying to in essence erase Obama from history. The toxic tangerine toddler is playing towards his ever dwindling base, the evangelical right. They believe that he is a messenger from their god, he was brought in to jumpstart the apocalypse as written in revelations.

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