Irish Folk – Ronnie Drew Sings The Parting Glass

This song of parting is a firm favourite of Rebel Voice. Ronnie’s gravelly rendition adds something special to what is a beautiful song and melody. The imagery is a tribute to the sadly deceased Ronnie Drew, a man sorely missed by those who love folk music. – If you enjoyed this, please share it –

The Pogues – Dirty Old Town [Trad Punk]

Here is a gentle ballad from one of the most energetic of all musical acts. It’s a poignant song of homecoming probably understood by all who have left their places of birth only to return many years later to recall their childhood. Not all memories are good ones. Perhaps they could be chopped down as […]

Toy Dolls – Dueling Banjos [Bluegrass]

This is a great performance from the comical English punk band. They demonstrate their musical skills as they take on the classic Bluegrass track made famous in the movie, Deliverance (you sure gotta purty mouth boy). Who says punks have no musical credibility? If you enjoyed this, please share

Midnight Oil – Beds Are Burning [Rock]

This rockin’ song is about the terror that the Australian Aboriginals suffered at the hands of colonialism up to and including the present time. It’s great to hear musicians take on injustice through their music. Sadly, there’s not enough of it happening today. If you enjoyed this, please share