Rhiannon Giddens – Julie (Bluegrass/Blues Ballad On Slavery)

This lady is multi-talented. She can play. She can write. She can sing. It’s slightly more unusual to see a black person playing bluegrass. There’s no real reason why that should be the case other than that particular genre is descended from Irish and Scots music as carried there by colonials, and few of them […]

Joe Strummer – Redemption Song (Folk)

Although known for his lead part in the punk band, The Clash, Joe Strummer also carved out a career for himself in both collaborations and as a solo performer. In this one, he takes on the Bob Marley classic, Redemption Song, which is a favourite among drunken students across the globe. Apparently, everyone loves to […]

Revolution – Fiach Moriarty (Irish Folk)

Here’s a timely ballad from a relative unknown, and up and coming star, of the Irish folk scene. If you like this, you can say that you heard this fine performer here first. If you don’t like it, then tell others that you heard it on the BBC… (ya gotta like his name if nothing […]

Arlo Guthrie & Family Sing Deportees In Tribute To Mary Travers

The song, Deportees, is one of Woody Guthrie‘s most popular. It can be heard in musical sessions across the island of Ireland being made famous by Christy Moore here. It laments the way in which migrant workers, who cross the border from Mexico into the US, are used to harvest the crops before being deported, […]

Jethro Tull – Locomotive Breath (Hairy)

They’re crazy. Plain and simple. Jethro Tull are as mad as hatters. Perhaps that’s why they’re so successful and renowned. They’re also damned fine musicians. If you like your rock music with a heavy touch of the medieval, then this band is definitely for you. They are an entertaining cross between Iggy Pop and Blackadder. […]

Lana Del Rey – Young And Beautiful (Pop)

Rebel Voice puts this up as a sign of respect for Lana Del Rey who refused to play in the Apartheid state of Israel and gave up a massive fee to do so. It is refreshing to see a global star who puts her integrity ahead of money. The tide is slowly but surely turning […]

The Beautiful South – Don’t Marry Her (Alternative)

The Beautiful South were born of the Housemartins in eighties England. Both Paul Heaton and Dave¬†Hemingway¬†were in both. They had a string of hits that made them a household name across The Celtic Isles. This one is probably their best known. The lyrics were adjusted to avoid offending delicate sensitivities. The main line, ‘Don’t marry […]