Oasis – Cigarettes & Alcohol (Brit rock)

Here are the lads on fine form again with this classic. As both cigarettes and alcohol are both heavily taxed these days, this is a very expensive recording and should be enjoyed with relish. If you enjoyed this, please share

Top 10 Movie Disease Outbreaks

Is it on the way? Are we due a major pandemic that will threaten and perhaps destroy humanity? Hollywood seems to think so. There are a multitude of movies that deal with the subject of mass outbreaks of disease. The symptoms include everything from vampires to zombies. It’s almost as if the entertainment industry desires […]

Celebrity Jeopardy – Will Ferrell & Tom Hanks

Here we get a look at the mayhem that ensues when Will Ferrell takes over the helm of the popular US quiz show, Jeopardy. Ferrell just has one of those heads, and looks, that make people laugh. Rebel Voice wonders if he ever tries to act sexy with his wife, Viveca Paulin and, if so, […]

Mariana Trench – Bottom Of The World – What Lies Beneath

It’s amazing to think of how little we know about the ocean depths on our planet. We are exploring the solar system, all the while remaining oblivious to what lives below us. The Mariana Trench is the lowest point on the earth’s crust. It has its own eco-system, most of which we know nothing about. […]

Ralph McTell – First Song [folk]

Here is another timeless classic from one of the best folk-singers of them all. Ralph McTell’s back-catalogue is impressive. Do we see his likes today, or has the era of the folk singer gone to where it sleeps with the blues? If you enjoyed this, please share

Borat – Funniest Bonus Scenes

Here, Rebel Voice has decided to supply you with enough laughs to see you right for a few days. Borat is not for everyone. His antics are cringeworthy. They are embarrassing to all with the exception of Borat himself. How anyone can keep a straight face whilst pulling off the stunts that Sacha Baron Cohen […]