Irish Song Of Freedom – Only Our Rivers Run Free

This haunting melody, performed here by Christy Moore, was written by Micky MacConnell (pictured in cover photo) from Fermanagh in the Occupied Six Counties Of Ireland (OSC). The lyrics lament the bondage of colonialism that Ireland has endured for too long. Only Our Rivers Run Free is one of the most popular ballads to be heard […]

Scythians Of The Ancient World

This brief clip introduces us to the mysterious Scythians of the Caucasus region who played a major role in the ancient world of Europe and the Middle East. Irish legends state that an important wave of arrivals to the shores of ancient Ireland came from this vast Asian Empire. – If you care, give it […]

Alien Attack – How Would Humanity Survive?

This jovial documentary looks at what would happen if aliens arrived on Earth. Although it is all speculation, it is fun (or perhaps terrible) to think about the possibilities that we could encounter. Will they come in peace? Or will they leave us in pieces? – If you care, give it a share –

Saint Patrick – Welsh Wizard Of Christianity

On the eve of Saint Patrick’s Day, Rebel Voice has decided to provide a light look at the patron saint of Ireland and the global celebrations that he has inspired. The short animation up first is not an in-depth analysis, but may give you a taster of the man who has had a thousand streets […]

CĂșchulainn – Hero Of Ancient Ireland

CĂșchulainn is known as the Hound of Ulster. He is regarded as the greatest of the ancient heroes of Ireland. He broke women’s hearts and he broke his enemies heads. He roamed the land and, in a Perseus kinda way, got into many adventures and scrapes. He travelled to Scotland for a spot of loving […]

Parcel O’ Rogues – Dick Gahan

This musical rendition of the Robbie Burns poem is as powerful a piece of rebellious music as you will ever have the pleasure of hearing. Although Rebel Voice was of the opinion that the Luke Kelly version could not be bettered, this one by the Glasgow great really tests that belief. Who better to sing […]

Kelly’s Heroes – Oddball

Kelly’s Heroes is a 1970 war movie about some opportunism within the US army as they discover a massive cache of gold being guarded by the SS. The enterprising individuals, led by Kelly – played by Clint Eastwood – set out to try to acquire the precious metal for their own use. Although it’s a […]