Alaric And The Sack Of Rome

Alaric was a leader of the Visigoths, which is a great name for a rock band. He succeeded in sacking Rome in 410 AD. His victory shook the Roman Empire to its very foundations and paved the way for the disintegration of the greatest Empire on the planet at that time. His method of gaining […]

Camera Footage Of Moment Israeli Missiles Hit Gaza Residential Area

The following is truly shocking footage of the impact of Israeli missiles as they strike a building in Gaza. The attack killed two children and wounded dozens of other civilians. The building featured had CCTV in all rooms and it is these that captured the devastating impact of the Zionist attack. The missiles struck an […]

The Thrill Of It All – Novel By Joseph O’Connor

The Thrill Of It AllĀ  by Joseph O’Connor Robbie Goulding is a Hiberno-English teenager in Luton, just outside London, with a normal longing for stardom. He has colourful parents, especially his Irish father, Jimmy, and an older brother with whom he maintains a healthy rivalry based on adoration. It’s when Robbie meets Fran Mulvey, a […]

Best Of Parkour And Freerunning 2018

Parkour is one of the most amazing physical skills to have been publicized in recent times. It involves high levels of fitness, balance, dexterity and courage. It’s almost as difficult as being an honest politician. Enjoy the fun. If you enjoyed this, please share

Convoy – Road Movie Theme Song

Here is the renowned theme song from the 1978 Sam Peckinpah movie starring Kris Kristofferson. The song was released in 1975 by C.W. McCall and Chip Davis. You may want to eat a Yorkie after watching this clip, whilst wearing a plaid shirt. Note: Yorkie refers to a bar of chocolate, not a small dog. […]

Funny Videos To Help You Through Your Day

If you’re having a tough day, week or life, then this is the video for you. Following is a selection of amusing clips that are sure to raise a smile on a wearied face. You might even be tempted to laugh. The montage contains a nice variety of action that demonstrate that as a species […]