The Shootist – Behind The Scenes On John Wayne’s Last Movie

The Shootist was a great movie but also bitter-sweet. It was John Wayne’s last movie. In it he played an aging gunfighter dying from cancer. At the time, Wayne was suffering from the cancer that was to eventually take his life. In the following piece, we get to meet the renowned actor as he prepares […]

Damage Of Trump’s Child Abuse Policies Explained

Donald Trump has managed to turn children into statistics on the US border with Mexico. His avoidable policy of separating young children from their parents and placing them into cages has obvious repercussions for the mental and emotional well-being of those who are so vulnerable. Yet there are many who would rush to defend such […]

US Federal Government In State Of Moral Terminal Decline

So the United States regime has decided to pull out of the United Nations Human Rights Council? What next? Will they ban puppies and children’s TV shows? Perhaps they will pass an edict that instructs all citizens to spit on anyone under the age or 7? The US federal administration is imperialist in nature. Of […]

Spandex And The City – Novel By Jenny T. Colgan

Spandex And The City   by Jenny T. Colgan As the name might suggest, this is not a serious book. If you’re after a story about existential issues presented in grey monotones by an austere matron lamenting her lack of sexual conquest in Victorian times as her fleabag cat takes yet another piss on a threadbare […]