Mormons – Church of Jesus Chirst Of The Latter Day Saints

They control virtually all of the US state of Utah. The founded and own Salt Lake City. They have many famous adherents including Hollywood actress, Katherine Heigl and US presidential candidate, Mitt Romney. Their previous practices of bigamy caused consternation among the US public. They are the Mormons. If you have ever wondered what exactly […]

Extreme Sports – Base Jumping With Wing Suits 3

The sport of wing-suit flying is breathtaking. The courage, or some might say insanity, needed to throw yourself off a very high cliff and glide for a great distance at tremendous speeds to land using a parachute is substantial. Even watching videos of this practice is not for the faint-hearted. Yet Rebel Voice is confident […]

Know Your Zionist Enemy – Facebook

Originally posted on Rebel Voice:
Lately, a regular contributor to this blog was telling us about a recent ban that was forced upon him by Facebook. The exact reasoning for the ban was never made clear and he is none the wiser as to why it was imposed as his activities had not changed. The…

Top 10 Scariest Movie Endings

We people are weird. We love to be frightened though often we hate it at first. Even children are not immune to the thrill of a ghost story although they scream at the scariest bits. We peek through our fingers at fear, but we still peek. The movie industry has provided us with many opportunities […]

Red Eye – Novel By James Lovegrove

Redeye – Redlaw by James Lovegrove John Redlaw is a vampire hunter gone rogue. As a former member of the British government organisation SHADE, he is well trained in the ways of the undead. But a sequence of terrible events, recounted in the first instalment of this series, has left Redlaw disillusioned with the methods […]