How Cuba Fought And Beat Apartheid South Africa

In Angola in 1987-1988, the Battle of Cuito Cuanavale took place. This was a major military engagement fought between Cuban, Angolan and Namibian forces on one side, and Apartheid South Africa and its forced allies in Namibia and Angola on the other. The battle was said to have been the largest fought on African soil since […]

Palestine Version Of See You Again

And now for something completely different. Or not all that different. Perhaps just a little off to one side. And not really all that far at that. Oh, for fuck’s sake, just watch the damn video and see what you think. Or don’t think. We wouldn’t want to tell you what to do. The kettle’s […]

Lightening – Novel By Dean Koontz

Lightening  by Dean Koontz Koontzy has been around a while now. He’s a prolific writer. But for every couple of decent novels he pens, he usually presents at least one turkey. In Lightening, he has refrained from all-out dog-worship – which came as a great relief to Rebel Voice – yet while the writing is strong, […]

Scottish Balladeer – Dick Gaughan – Craigie Hill

This is a haunting Scottish ballad performed by the Glaswegian maestro, Dick Gaughan whom has the voice of a hard-drinking Scottish angel who would sing you to happiness, or knock your fuck in, dependent upon how you behave. Any country would be privileged to have a musician such as Dick Gaughan. This song will tug […]

Palestine Illustrated

Here is a short clip of cartoons highlighting the suffering and injustice meted out to the people of Palestine. Illustrations are a highly effective means of getting the message across and no one does it any better than Carlos Latuff. – If you care, give it a share –

Bullitt (1968) – Car Chase Scene

This is the classic car chase through the streets of San Francisco in the movie Bullitt. Steve McQueen died a relatively young man. He had a lot of great movies left in him, and quite a few car chases too. – If you care, give it a share –