Planxty – Raggle Taggle Gypsy/ Tabhair Dom Do Laimh

The Raggle Taggle Gypsy is a folk standard across Ireland and tells of a woman who leaves her husband to run away with a gypsy. It is followed up by another popular melody, this time it’s a traditional music number, Tabhair dom do laimh, which means give me your hand. If you enjoyed this, please […]

Know Your Zionist Enemies – Kirk And Michael Douglas

Originally posted on Rebel Voice:
In this episode of the Rebel Voice series, Know Your Zionist Enemy, we have again decided to provide readers with two for the price of one. In this instance, the Zionists are father and son. Both are extremely well known, successful, and influential in the Hollywood movie industry. It can…

Fractals – Nature’s Patterns Now Used In Biomimetic Technology

In this article, Rebel Voice introduces the mysterious world of fractals. These are patterns found in nature and space which are now being replicated for use in modern technology, such as mobile phones and genetic research. This process, known as biomimetics, has proved to be extremely useful in our modern world. Velcro is probably the […]

Cold Service – Novel By Robert B. Parker

Cold Service (2005) by Robert B. Parker Spenser is a Boston Private Investigator with a habit of attracting serious trouble. On this occasion, however, it’s his closest friend, Hawk, who finds himself in a whole heap of bother. Hawk has been shot and seriously wounded whilst trying to protect a client who subsequently ends up […]

Israeli Residents Speak On The New Apartheid Bill

In this brief video, we hear the views of Israeli citizens as they comment upon the new Israeli ‘Nation-state’ bill. This piece of legislation has effectively institutionalized Israeli Apartheid, not only in Western Palestine (aka Israel), but also across the occupied territories. It’s interesting to hear the hardline views of the Jewish Israelis interviewed as […]

Oasis – Champagne Supernova (Brit rock)

Here is a well-known classic from the warring Manchester siblings. Rebel Voice wonders if they would have been as good if they didn’t fight with one another. Perhaps all that anger helped their performances. If you enjoyed this, please share

Chinese History, 2000 Years – Confucius And The Mandate Of Heaven

‘The superior man understands what is right; the inferior man understands what will sell.’ With these wise words, Confucius has condemned Capitalism. The following video introduces us to that most erudite and enigmatic of philosophers and the land from which he hailed. Perhaps you will learn pearls of wisdom that will stand you in good […]

Epic – Patrick Kavanagh Poem

Patrick Kavanagh was born in County Monaghan in 1904 and died in 1967. He was a colourful and combative character who wrote of the life of the rural people of Ireland. He had an ongoing dispute with the Irish poet and playwright, Brendan Behan. Kavanagh‘s most famous poem is Raglan Road which is now best […]

From Dusk Til Dawn – Bar Fight, Part 2

Here is part 2 of one of the most iconic bar brawls in movie history. For Rebel Voice, George Clooney never matched his performance in this classic vampire romp, and Tarantino, never a great actor anyhow, is at his perverse best. Strange that, how Quentin Tarantino is best at playing the part of a sexual […]