Dr Hook – Sylvia’s Mother

Rebel Voice is betting that most of you will not have heard this in a lifetime, and may not want to hear it again for another lifetime. Sylvia’s Mother seemed to be a right nasty piece of work. It was only a phone call, for fuck’s sake, she could have let him have a brief […]

The Empire Files – The Tyranny Of Big Oil

In this episode, Abby Martin investigates the influence, methodology and ruthless power of the US oil industry. This is yet another informative documentary by the prominent US journalist. – If you care, give it a share –

Irish Republican Poem -Thomas Davis

Here is yet another rebel poem from the father of Irish Republican poetry, Corkman, Thomas Davis. The Vow of Tipperary From Carrick streets to Shannon shore, From Slievenamon to Ballindeary, From Longford Pass to Gaillte Mór, Come hear The Vow of Tipperary. Too long we fought for Britain’s cause, And of our blood were never […]

Steptoe And Son – Xmas 74

This is the full episode from the popular British sit-com that caused many a miserable old bastard to be insulted by the attachment of the name Steptoe. The humour was simple back then. Today, antiques experts would be poking through Steptoe’s pad looking for the valuable collectibles dispersed throughout. See how many you can spot. […]

Peter Gabriel – Don’t Give Up

The lyrics of this track are perhaps a tad soppy (really soppy) but the sentiment is noble. Rebel Voice wonders if ole Petey had a root when he was holding Kate so closely during the video shoot. She’s very desirable. Perhaps that says more about Rebel Voice than it ever could about Peter Gabriel. The […]