The Famine Year – Jane Wilde

Originally posted on Rebel Voice:
The following poem was written by Jane Wilde, mother of Oscar. Jane Wilde, who was officially ‘Lady’ Jane Wilde, was an ardent Irish Nationalist who died in poverty. Her second eldest son, Oscar, lauded for his literary prowess, did nothing to help the impoverished people of his native land, yet his…

Pablo Sáinz-Villegas – Concierto de Aranjuez – Adagio

Here’s a bit of cultural beauty in a musical format. As you will know, Rebel Voice is a very sophisticated media outlet. We play classic tracks that are timeless in their creativity and kindness of heart. Whether it’s The Pogues or Metallica or The Foo Fighters, we take our standards very seriously. With this in […]

47 Movies That Never Got Nominated, But Probably Should Have

The entertainment industry can be a funny old business. Apart from all the sexual shenanigans that take place, both with and without consent, there is the networking and behind the scenes scams being run to suit particular agendas. It can be a murky world for those in it and utter confusion for those of us […]

Enemy Of The State – Kyle Mills For Vince Flynn ‘Thriller’

Enemy Of The State by Kyle Mills on behalf of Vince Flynn (2017) Mitch Rapp is one helluva guy. He’s a private contractor employed by the CIA to save the world. He does this by killing as many terrorists, usually Muslims, as possible. He spits 9mm rounds with venom. He farts hand grenades, coughs mortars, shits […]