Top 10 Actors Who Refused To Shoot Scenes Together

Hmm… Rebel Voice is never sure about posts like this. The subject matter is of interest to readers but in essence is bullshit. Actors are over-paid attention-seekers who seldom use the platform they have been given for anything of worth. There are exceptions to this of course. A,B and even C listers get paid more than […]

The Transmutation, from Patriotism to Capitalism

Originally posted on Rebel Voice:
The Transmutation, from Patriotism to Capitalism The Empire’s dead, the Empire lives, the borders now on ledgers; the flags removed, the anthems shunned for ditties, logos, branded fun. The Empire’s dead, the Empire thrives, to feed on promise to wasted lives. A.D.

Muslim Brotherhood – Who Are They And What Power Do They Hold?

With the recent death in Egypt of Mohamed Morsi, former President of that nation, the organisation known as The Muslin Brotherhood has been in the news. Morsi was a leader of the Brotherhood before being toppled in a US-backed military coup on 3rd, July, 2013. Morsi had remained in prison ever since and there are […]

The Two-Bear Mambo – Off-Beat Novel By Joe R. Lansdale

The Two-Bear Mambo by Joe R. Lansdale Hap and Leonard are back in this raucous ride through the back roads of East Texas. This time the two anti-heroes are asked to investigate the disappearance of Florida Grange, an ex of Hap’s who visited the notoriously racist area of Grovetown. The beautiful Florida is black, and […]

In The News – Kris Kristofferson (Folk)

Kris Kristofferson might well be the coolest person on the planet. Rebel Voice has long been a fan of this folk and country legend, and this song of his from his 2006 album, This Old Road, just goes to show how thoroughly decent and talented he is. Kris will be 83 on 22nd June of […]

First Crusade – Part 1 – A Christian Folly?

Soldiers from western nations rushing to the Middle East to fight Muslims. Death, destruction and suffering on a vast scale, especially for those who live there regardless of whether or not they’re combatants or civilians. New military technologies employed to further imperial ambitions. Greed and supremacist beliefs driving the carnage. This is what took place […]

Top 10 Prison Escapees Who Were Never Found

There always seems to be something almost perversely romantic about prison breaks. It’s admirable that inmates locked up securely and kept under close watch can manage to evade their jailers to reach freedom. When POWs succeed, we cheer for them and Hollywood makes movies about them. When ordinary criminals try, we might still feel a […]