From Dusk Til Dawn – Bar Fight, Part 2

Here is part 2 of one of the most iconic bar brawls in movie history. For Rebel Voice, George Clooney never matched his performance in this classic vampire romp, and Tarantino, never a great actor anyhow, is at his perverse best. Strange that, how Quentin Tarantino is best at playing the part of a sexual […]

Pink Floyd – Louder Than Words [Rock]

This is worth taking the time over, if only for the enjoyment of seeing this fantastic video. Pink Floyd are as profound a musical act as there ever was. Perhaps that’s why Roger Waters is such a strong supporter of Palestine, and why Israel fear him so much. If you enjoyed this, please share

Indian Children Rescued From Prostitution Ring – Inhumans Arrested

The occurrence of child abuse is without doubt the greatest crime that can be perpetrated by one person against another. Children are the most trusting and vulnerable of our species. When inhumans deliberately harm them, it stands as a terrible act of inhumanity. India is a vast nation with a huge population, many of them […]

M82 Barrett .50 Calibre Sniper Rifle

In this video, we get an introduction to the Barrett M82 .50 Sniper Rifle. This is a serious piece of hardware. It is designed for disabling vehicles with pinpoint accuracy. If used on personnel, the results are devastating. The Provisional IRA were said to have used the Barrett during their war against British forces in […]

Blood And Ashes & Blood Tracks – Novels By Matt Hilton

Blood and Ashes, Blood Tracks, by Matt Hilton For the first time since this site began, Rebel Voice has taken the unprecedented step of providing two reviews from the same author in the one article. The author is Matt Hilton and he has been reviewed previously by this blog. His previous efforts were acceptable. However, […]

Linger – Mariachi Cranberries Cover

This is a gentle cover of the Cranberries classic. Strange to think that Dolores O’Riordan is gone almost seven months now. She would probably be flattered at this rendition of her work. If you enjoyed this, please share

Mughal Empire – Rise And Fall Of An Indian Power

The Mughals were an Islamic Empire that ruled India for about 200 years. Some their leaders were known as relatively progressive for the time and best remembered for their architectural projects, the most widely known of which is the magical Taj Mahal. Their glory days was based around tolerance but a lack of tolerance was […]

Children Taught Self-defence In India’s Slums

This is a great program that has been started in India by those who care about children’s welfare. Martial arts classes are being provided for all the young, including those who might not be able to access them otherwise, due to financial constraints. Training children in this way is beneficial in many ways. It creates […]