Empire Files – Abby Martin Investigates Zionist Propaganda

In this episode of the Empire Files, Abby Martin looks at the propaganda techniques used by the Zionist media of both the US and Israel. It’s an insightful approach which demonstrates the terrible impact that a corrupt and biased media can have upon public perception. Abby gives numerous examples of how Zionists change the narrative […]

My Lai – US Atrocity Should Never be Forgotten

It was during the US imperialist intervention of the Vietnam War that one of the most shockingly blatant episodes of more recent US war crimes took place. It was named, The Mỹ Lai Massacre. On 16th March, 1968, that US soldiers from Company C, Ist Battalion, 20th Infantry Regiment, 11th Brigade, 23rd Infantry Division, murdered 504 […]

Bellamy Brothers – Let Your Love Flow

This song got a new lease of life when Barclays Bank used it in one of their ads. It’s a fairly upbeat tune and should make you feel that little bit better after hearing it. Either that or you’ll puke. Check out the flares on these two. – If you care, give it a share […]

Fresh Meat – JP’s Best bits

This compilation is from the student comedy from Channel 4 which shocked mothers and fathers across the Celtic Isles as they discovered what their precious children get up to when they go to university. Caution: contains adult humour and language. – If you care, give it a share –

PLO – Understanding A Revolution, Part 6

This is the final episode of the documentary that looks at the Palestine Liberation Organisation, and its role in the war with Israel to regain the freedom of the land of Palestine from Israeli attempts at annexation. Here we see how Arafat begins negotiations with the Zionist oppressors in a futile attempt to progress his […]