The Fear Index – Novel By Robert Harris

The Fear Index by Robert Harris      [Please note, spoilers abound in this review] Dr Alex Hoffman is a genius. He was a former employee of the CERN research project before a psychological breakdown caused him to switch careers. Hoffman used his mathematical prowess to design a more independent and self-learning algorithm that could be […]

Rohingya Children Helped To Feel Young Again

The genocide being perpetrated against the Rohingya minority of Myanmar is known but was not as well shared as it should have been. Although the most serious abuse has petered out, there is still the not inconsequential matter of how the Rohingya refugees are being treated. Foremost among these victims of Myanmar oppression and brutality […]

Joe Rogan On Who Is America?

In this episode, Joe Rogan takes a look, and a laugh, at the new Sacha Baron Cohen series, Who is America? Such a fun show is easy to talk about as there’s plenty to attract the attention of a joker like Rogan. If you enjoyed this, please share 

All-Ireland Football Final 2017 Highlights – Mayo v’s Dublin

Although not as ancient a sport as hurling, nor as graceful, Gaelic football is the most popular team sport played in Ireland today. It was designed to be a tough, fast-flowing game of great skill and fair play. Sadly, as the psychology of Free Stateism has reared its ugly head in the GAA, so to have the […]

Audioslave – Original Fire

A song for the weekend, or any time for that matter. Rebel Voice advises that you strut as you listen to this track and scowl at your neighbours if they glance in your general direction (then go over and apologize afterwards). If you enjoyed this, please share

Weapons Of War – A-10 Thunderbolt II – Tank Buster

Various versions of this aircraft have been used in the threatre of war since its introduction in 1976. It is known as a tank-buster due to both its missile capabilities and the armour piercing rounds that it’s mini-gun uses. Although much slower than other jets, the A-10 has a heavily armoured cockpit to protect from […]

Dareen Tatour Poem – Female Poet Of Resistance

Dareen Tatour is a Palestinian poet recently sentenced to five months in an Israeli prison for posting one of her poems online. This action by the Zionist regime is indicative of increasingly blatant measures instigated by the rogue state of Israel to censor any views that run contrary to their official fascist narrative. Israel is […]

Oasis – Wonderwall [Brit rock]

A classic from the mental Mancunians. Grab your parka and shades and strut around your living room as you remember just how good this track really is. If you enjoyed this, please share

Gaza’s Beach – A Temporary Refuge From Israeli Oppression

For the people of Gaza, life under siege from the rogue state of Israel is an everyday battle to survive and maintain their dignity. The people there are proud and do not want hand-outs. They want their lives back. They want respect. They want safety. They want freedom. The coastline of Gaza, whilst patrolled by […]

GAA Hurling Highlights – All-Ireland Final 2017 – Galway v’s Waterford

The Gaelic sport of Hurling is the greatest team sport on this planet or any other. Rebel Voice states this as an impartial, Gaelic, GAA-loving, hurling-admiring commentator. No other sport combines the physicality, grace, skill and sheer courageous determination that hurling encompasses. It is an art-form showcased on the field of play. Should anyone be […]