Rohingya Children Refugees Being Persecuted In Bangladesh

You know, when war and oppression breaks out as it regularly does, it is heart-breaking to see images of adult civilians being persecuted, oppressed and often killed. But when those victims are children, the most vulnerable people on our planet, the situation then becomes intolerable.

Adults can fight back, even if in fighting they die. At least they have that chance, that choice. Children don’t. They rely on adults to protect them. The young are swept along on whatever tide of adult savagery happens to prevail at any given time. Children are the true victims of adult malignancy.

In Myanmar (Burma) policies of ethnic cleansing were being conducted as the world stood idly by and watched. Mealy-mouthed condemnations were offered by politicians but no serious attempts were made to deal with the brutality. Myanmar doesn’t have the oil that Venezuela and the Middle East have. Western governments have little real interest in humanitarian issues, only profit.

Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya fled their homes as Myanmar ‘Buddhists’ rampaged through the land. Rape and pillage was the order of the day as entire regions were ‘cleansed’ of Rohingya. Children were forced to run in the night to save their lives. Many lost their parents in the chaos and never found them again. Just when you think that things can’t get any worse for those child refugees, it does.

Upon reaching sanctuary in neighbouring Bangladesh, the people opened their arms to them. However, the authorities of that nation have now decided not to allow the Rohingya children to avail of a basic education. This human right is central to helping refugees eventually break free from the bonds of poverty that keep them in rough-hewn camps. It is disheartening to see children, with an innate desire to learn, being denied that opportunity.

The following video introduces us to some of the children who are being prevented from receiving an education. They are being kept in the dark. Watch this video and don’t be.

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