Extreme Sports – Base Jumping With Wing Suits 2

This sport has to be seen to be believed. Here is another look at the adrenaline junkies who leap from cliff tops wearing a wingsuit to fly at tremendous speeds across the countryside. Remember to breathe as you watch this. If you enjoyed this, please share

Extreme Skiing In Alaska’s Magic Kingdom

Extreme skiers dice with death. Although they take precautions, there is always a serious element of danger as they hurtle down icy slopes and hope that they don’t take a spill or start an avalanche. The sport takes skill, balance, vision, quick reactions and natural grace. It also requires balls and ovaries big enough to […]

Extreme Sports – Bungy Jump, New Zealand

In this footage, you can really get a sense of just how terrifying it must be to jump from a great height with a rubber cord tied to your feet. The very act of bungy jumping goes against our natural instincts. Yet people all over the world partake in this extreme form of entertainment. Humans […]

Poc Fada na hÉireann

The Poc Fada na hÉireann is the All-Ireland final for the ancient sport of the poc fada. This involves hitting a ball (slíotar) around a mountain course in the fewest strikes (poc) possible. There are qualifiers held around the country throughout the year to select the best athletes. On the big day, men, women and […]

All-Ireland Football Final 2017 Highlights – Mayo v’s Dublin

Although not as ancient a sport as hurling, nor as graceful, Gaelic football is the most popular team sport played in Ireland today. It was designed to be a tough, fast-flowing game of great skill and fair play. Sadly, as the psychology of Free Stateism has reared its ugly head in the GAA, so to have the […]

GAA Hurling Highlights – All-Ireland Final 2017 – Galway v’s Waterford

The Gaelic sport of Hurling is the greatest team sport on this planet or any other. Rebel Voice states this as an impartial, Gaelic, GAA-loving, hurling-admiring commentator. No other sport combines the physicality, grace, skill and sheer courageous determination that hurling encompasses. It is an art-form showcased on the field of play. Should anyone be […]