Best Of Parkour And Freerunning 2018

Parkour is one of the most amazing physical skills to have been publicized in recent times. It involves high levels of fitness, balance, dexterity and courage. It’s almost as difficult as being an honest politician. Enjoy the fun. If you enjoyed this, please share

Best MMA Knockouts of June 2018

MMA is not for the faint of heart. It is brutal and bloody. It is the male of the species. Rebel Voice believes that if we can get the inevitable violence off the streets and into the ring, then society would be the better for it. Why fight against the biological programming that men have, […]

20 Of The Most Insane Jumps Of All Time

Humans are mental. We all know this. Why else would females wear shoes with really high heels that make chastity belts look comfortable. And of course what about chastity belts, what other species would conceive of such an idea? Humans are mental. The following video gives us a look at some of the more extreme […]

180 MPH+ Powerboat – Florida Run

For fans of the ocean, viewing powerboats at full pelt will give a rush. These stylish and immensely powerful vessels are not only beautiful, they can also really move. In this clip it requires a chopper to keep up with the boat, to film, as it hits its maximum. For most of us, even sitting […]

Powerboat World Championship 2014 – Highlights

These stylishly sleek vessels are immensely powerful and can push out speeds of over 250km/h. They can reach 100 km/h in 2 seconds flat. Of course they also cost a fortune to build and maintain, never mind race. Rebel Voice would not like the fuel bill for one of these wagons. It’s quite a spectacle […]