Extreme Mountain Biking Through Paris – Amazing Footage

Regulars on Rebel Voice will know that this platform just loves extreme sports. You know the kind of stuff we mean; free climbing; deep-sea diving; sky-diving; being  socialist in America; bungy-jumping; that kind of thing.

One sport that is often featured is mountain biking. Those shown are masters of their art. These cyclists, if indeed that term is sufficient, are so brazen, such thrill-seekers, such adrenaline junkies, that they will not even attach a bell to their machines when riding through city streets. Imagine the rush!

In this footage, we follow one such mental case as he powers his way through the mean and hilly streets of gay Paris. The stunts in this really are both breath-taking and heart-stopping, so will likely kill you just watching them. But give it a go anyway, you’re old enough. These stunts make Bullitt look like Little House on the Prairie. They make The French Connection look like French and Saunders. They make The Terminator look like When Harry Met Sally. In short, they will rock your world. Enjoy.

Here’s some more crazy footage from extreme mountain bikers, this time in Colombia:


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