US Stand-up Comedian – Robin Williams

Robin Williams was a nice man. He gave every impression of being someone who was incredibly sensitive and completely off the wall. It’s a strange combination but one which served him well in his successful career. His sudden death was a blow to all who understood his gentle nature and creativity and his absence is […]

Spiderman Cartoon Adult Dubbing – Number 2

Spidey’s back in his new role of foul-mouthed super-anti-hero. It may be that a different radioactive spider bit this Spiderman, an arachnid with a venom that makes its victims spew forth the most vile language. It makes for interesting viewing as the web-slinger curses and swears his way across The f**king Big Apple. Note: the […]

Top 10 Best Mockumentary TV Shows

We will all have seen at least one parody of life portrayed on the small screen. Whether it is The Office, Reno 911 or The Thick Of It, we are captivated by how ridiculous our societies can be, with the silliness of actual life being exaggerated for our amusement.┬áSome parodies are easy to distinguish from […]

Top 10 Mr Burns Epsiodes – The Simpsons

Mr Burns is the consummate Capitalist. He even looks the part. Inside every CEO of a greedy multi-national lurks a Mr Burns. Inside every employer who pays minimum wage and provides terrible working conditions for their employees lies a Mr Burns. Behind all those inhumans who use child labour or child soldiers is a Mr […]

Taylor Swift Cartoon Parody

Here we have Taylor Swift as you’ve rarely seen her before. She’s mean, vindictive, bitchy, egocentric, spoiled, wait a minute… If you enjoyed this, please share

Scooby Doo – The Unmasking Gone Wrong

Regular fans of Scooby Doo will have noticed that the villains are always unmasked at the end. But what if uncovering the bad guy was to go horribly wrong? The following is a parody of the popular cartoon. Take a look at how badly out of whack it can all go when the gang make […]

Predator – Comedy Dub

Here we have the Predator as you’ve never heard it before. Big, dumb Arnie always gave us dialogue that was good for a laugh, even if that wasn’t his intention. But in this dubbed version, we get to see the dopey star in a whole new light. If only all alien movies were as honest […]