Joe Rogan On Who Is America?

In this episode, Joe Rogan takes a look, and a laugh, at the new Sacha Baron Cohen series, Who is America? Such a fun show is easy to talk about as there’s plenty to attract the attention of a joker like Rogan. If you enjoyed this, please share¬†

Irish Men In Deadly Struggle To Capture Wiley Mouse

In this homemade installment, the same family that fought a vicious battle with a bat in the kitchen, return to take on a man-eating mouse. It’s easy to think of the mouse in this clip lying behind the sofa laughing uproariously at the efforts of Derry to catch him, as he listens to the squealing […]

Who Is America? (2018) Sacha Baron Cohen

This clip is from the first episode in the highly popular new Sacha Baron Cohen series, Who is America?, in which the satirical comedian manages to convince politicians and other influential public figures in the USA to demonstrate just how idiotic they truly are. It is scary and shocking to realize just how moronic some […]

Irish Family In Life Or Death Battle With Killer Bat, Kinda

In this home-shot comedy, an Irish family is faced with the horror of dealing with… a bat. Not a vampire bat or a large fruit-eating bat or a cricket bat, but an ordinary little harmless cuddly bat. The results are amusing to say the least. The dog gets afraid and pisses over the kitchen floor […]

Funny Videos To Help You Through Your Day

If you’re having a tough day, week or life, then this is the video for you. Following is a selection of amusing clips that are sure to raise a smile on a wearied face. You might even be tempted to laugh. The montage contains a nice variety of action that demonstrate that as a species […]

Mr Bean At The Hospital

Here we see the (possibly) future British Foreign Secretary as he negotiates his way through the bureaucracy associated with the NHS. Bean is a one off, thankfully, but Boris Johnson is not far away in terms of incompetence and bumbling idiocy. In fact, Bean could be chip whip of the Tories. If you enjoyed this, […]

Top 10 Big Bang Theory Guest Stars

This classic sitcom has had many memorable moments, but some have involved unlikely celebrities who rushed to appear in the world of Nerdom. In this clip, we look at some of the most famous. If you enjoyed this, please share

Frankie Boyle On Top Form

Here is more from the shock-comedian, Frankie Boyle. Be advised, Boyle is right out there and his humour is not for the faint-hearted. But his observations are razor-sharp and entirely wacky. – If you care, please give it a share –