Top 10 Big Bang Theory Guest Stars

This classic sitcom has had many memorable moments, but some have involved unlikely celebrities who rushed to appear in the world of Nerdom. In this clip, we look at some of the most famous. If you enjoyed this, please share

Frankie Boyle On Top Form

Here is more from the shock-comedian, Frankie Boyle. Be advised, Boyle is right out there and his humour is not for the faint-hearted. But his observations are razor-sharp and entirely wacky. – If you care, please give it a share –

British Comedian, Milton Jones, At The Apollo

Milton Jones is one of the most original comedians in Britain or anywhere else. His jokes will have you laughing out loud without offending you. He is a regular on the comedy circuit of the Celtic Isles and his one-liners are an inspiration to prospective comedians everywhere. – If you enjoyed this, please share it […]

Irish Comedian, Jimeoin, At The Apollo 2

Here we have a clip from the performance of the Irish comedian, Jimeoin, as he entertains an appreciable audience at the famous Apollo. His jokes are fairly inoffensive whilst remaining humouress. In this he explains, among other things, how to properly talk filthy to women without appearing to have done so. – If you enjoyed […]

The Big Bang Theory – Sheldon Cooper’s Best Bits

Is Sheldon Cooper a hero or an anti-hero? Whichever he is, he provides entertainment for millions of nerds and non-nerds alike. He has also managed to highlight the condition of autism upon which spectrum he features. What follows is a compilation of just how wacky Sheldon can be. – If you enjoyed this, please share […]