James Blunt Parody – Aussie Comedian Takes P**s Off Hit Song

Rebel Voice expects that most readers will be familiar with the James Blunt hit, You’re Beautiful. In the song, the narrator is quietly serenading a woman that he notices on public transport. He has recognised her great beauty but unfortunately she is with another man and the singer laments his misfortune not to know her […]

Life Of Brian – Sermon On The Mount

Originally posted on Rebel Voice:
In this clip from the funniest movie ever made, we see Brian and his mother trying to listen to Jesus as he preaches during the Sermon On The Mount. Unfortunately, there was no amplification in those days and mistakes can be made in what the audience hear. “Blessed are the…

An Irishman’s Diary – Day 2

When Maggie Foley, aged 74, looked out her window on Monday morning, she saw two dogs in the street. One was a small, white terrier and the other a black Labrador. The smaller dog was attempting to ride the arse off the larger one. It didn’t seem to matter that the terrier’s genital area was […]

An Irishman’s Diary – Day 1

The fur-faced dog was there again today, staring at me, it’s slobbering tongue hanging out the side of its mouth. It just stands there, challenging me. Eyeballing me. It looks dangerous. I’ve heard Yorkies can be brutal if they get a hold of your balls, but if I drop-kicked this one the neighbours would be […]

The Bare Necessities – The Jungle Book – Baloo Shines

Hands up who doesn’t enjoy this song. No one? I thought so. This is one of the most swingingest tracks you are gonna hear this side of Armageddon, which won’t be long coming if Trump and Netanyahu get their way. Baloo is in fine form here as he instructs Moglai in the ways of the […]