Top British Comedian, Milton Jones, Performs In Dublin

Milton Jones is a regular and a favourite on the popular British panel show, Mock The Week. His jokes are sharp and unique and there is no one quite like him. He can make you laugh without using profanities or abusive imagery, surely a sign of a great comedian, and one of the reasons why […]

The Big Bang Theory – Sheldon’s Best Bits

Sheldon Cooper is one in a million, thankfully. He has a unique method of dealing with all that life throws at him. He also is generous enough to allow us all to laugh at him. This clip shows just some of Sheldon’s wackiness. – If you enjoyed this, please share it –

Monty Python’s The Holy Grail – French Taunting

This clip shows the two scenes where the bewildered King Arthur encounters the abusive French soldier with the most original insults ever heard. Listen for the one that mentions ‘electrical donkey bottom biters’. Only Monty Python could conceive of such madness.  – If you enjoyed this, please share it –

Frankie Boyle Mocks The Week

Frankie Boyle is a Scottish comedian noted for his shocking commentary. He has gotten himself into serious trouble for some of his so-called jokes and has perhaps fallen out of public favour as a result. But there is no doubt about Boyle’s sharp observations and his unique wit. Mock the Week was a very popular […]

Top 10 British Spoof And Satire Movies

The Brits have always done satire better than just about anyone. There is no greater satirical movie than The Life of Brian. British TV has long been full of satire sit-coms and sketch shows. In this short clip, we can see just some of the best known films out there, although many others of note […]

Stephen King Opens Up And Pours Out

This is a relatively short compilation of clips in which King speaks frankly about his life and the processes he employs for writing. There are some great and revealing insights into his career. The author displays a great sense of timing as he recounts incidents, such as his visit to watch the movie adaptation of […]