Life Of Brian – Sermon On The Mount

The Life of Brian was the most amusing movie ever made. It has so many rib-tickling scenes as to be the envy of all other comedies. The Sermon on the Mount sketch is up there with the best of them. Perhaps even the bible-thumpers among you might manage a smile after watching this one. After all, there was no amplification in those days, so who knows what the audience heard.

Rebel Voice

In this clip from the funniest movie ever made, we see Brian and his mother trying to listen to Jesus as he preaches during the Sermon On The Mount. Unfortunately, there was no amplification in those days and mistakes can be made in what the audience hear. “Blessed are the cheese-makers” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. Brian’s experiences are somewhat different to those of the Christian Messiah as he struggles to live a normal life in tough times. After watching this, Rebel Voice wonders just how many dry-cleaners there were in ancient Palestine.

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