Afghan Children Disabled By War, Victims Twice Over

Child victims of war. There can be fewer more abhorrent statements than that. It is terrible to think of any child suffering or dying. But when that pain and death is avoidable, as it is in the case of armed conflict, then surely serious questions must be asked about the overall morality of our species.

In Afghanistan the children are under siege. It’s bad enough that they have to endure the oppression of a backward ideology such as the Taliban, but when western Crusaders then invade and start dropping bombs, it only gets worse. Too many children in that tormented nation die in those bomb and missile attacks. Others are injured or killed when unexploded ordnance eventually does detonate during any lull in hostilities.

The following brief presentation introduces us to some of these victims of western imperialism. There’s no escaping the truth, there are those in the West who make vast profits from war and who will therefore agitate for such. They care not for the innocent fatalities and causalities that their profiteering causes. But how do we get that message across in a way that will stop the constant wars? Perhaps looking at the results of the handiwork of warmongers might motivate us all to do something, anything, to protect these children from the worst excesses of our species.

Notice: when searching for an image to accompany this article, Rebel Voice typed “Afghan child victims of war” into a Google search bar (for free to use images) on the first occasion, and then “Afghan children injured in war” followed by “Afghan child causalities”. The results all showed US troops providing sweets and medicine for Afghan children. There were pictures of US military personnel interacting with the children in Afghanistan as if those troops were some kind of child protectors and saintly figures. It is a fucking disgrace that the US military and Department of Defense are hijacking the internet to spread their foul propaganda when the truth is, it’s the presence and actions of the US military that has caused the greatest number of both child injuries and deaths in that war-torn place. Apparently, there are no lows to which the US Empire will not stoop in its efforts to lie to the people of this planet.

“A survey taken in 2005-2006 found that there were between 747,500 and 867,100 disabled Afghans, or 2.7% of the population. More than 50% of the disabled lived in Kabul, Khandahar, and Heart — areas which have seen the most fighting during the past three decades. Among the disabled, half were under the age of 19Thus, there are probably over 400,000 disabled Afghan children, victims of direct conflict and leftover landmines.” – Middle East Institute

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  1. Google is so corrupt. I found that if you block all of google’s scripts and all their ad trackers, google’s search results will automatically default into mobile mode (mobile phone viewing). In mobile mode, the top most results will be google partnered websites rather than the usual top most ranked popular websites. Clicking on these google partnered websites will first transit data through a click monetizer (google hosted) before the actual webpage loads. It’s very scummy.

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