Orcas Hunting Seals On Beach

The following clip demonstrates the great intelligence and ingenuity of Orca whales in their hunt for sustenance. Yes, seals look cute and cuddly to us, but in the natural world that means little. They are food for predators who seek to survive and feed their own. C’est la vie. Rebel Voice recalls watching a documentary […]

Fat Bear Contest – Mum Wins

Bears don’t worry about obesity. In fact they crave it. It’s regarded as a status symbol in their world of feasting. Recently, observers of these wonderful creatures in Alaska have been keeping tabs on which bear is the fattest and therefore, in bear terms, the healthiest. The greatest surprise to Rebel Voice is that the […]

Top 10 Misunderstood Animals

Aaw, aren’t hyenas cute? Well, yes, unless you happen to be lying on the ground whist they eat you. Hyenas aren’t like lions. The King of the Jungle will kill you before he or she dines. Hyenas don’t wait. They just tear straight in. Pigs! Both hyenas and pigs feature in this look at 10 […]

Mother Lioness Hunts Warthog

Lions! Where would we be without them? No Simba, no Scar and, Holy God no! No Hakuna Matata! Our worlds would fall apart. Wouldn’t they…? Everyone seems to love lions, unless that is you’re a warthog. Warthog’s absolutely f**king hate lions because lions like to dine on (not with) warthogs. Disney doesn’t like to show […]

Lions And Hippos – Turf War

When the big guys fall out, everyone runs for cover. Hippos are renowned for their foul tempers. They are also big, bloated bullies with very large mouths, kinda like the natural world’s answer to Donald Trump. Lions are… lions. They eat things… living things. So do we, of course, but with a lot less finesse […]

Top 10 Deadliest Insects

Creepy crawlies are great, if you’re a bird or anteater. Otherwise they’re biters and disease spreaders and really ugly up close. Or are they? Well, it all depends upon your perspective. Some farmers like certain insects, bees and wasps for example, whilst others understandably detest locusts and mosquitoes. Rebel Voice is divided on their appeal […]

Kamchatka – Russia’s Epic Wilderness

Kamchatka is in Russia’s Far East. It is a peninsula that lies north-east of North Korea with much volcanic activity. Most of Kamchatka is unspoiled wilderness and is home to many remarkable species such as wolves, brown bears and Siberian Tigers. It is the foremost breeding ground for the Stellar’s Sea Eagle, as well as […]