Cheetahs Take Down Ostrich In Impressive Display Of Teamwork

Cheetahs are the fastest land animals, being able to average speeds of 40mph and above when hunting. That’s close to the rate at which Donald Trump will flee a lawsuit from Stormy Daniels. Ostriches are the largest birds on the planet. They are also fleet of foot, or claw, but just not quick enough to […]

Chinese Elephants Raiding Villages

Raccoons raiding the bins is one thing, but when elephants decide to hit a village for grub, then that’s another matter entirely. In China, villagers are faced with such a problem. Cheeky elephants, emboldened by their protected status in the country, are increasingly entering human settlements in search of easy pickings. In doing so they […]

Kung Fu Mantis Vs Jumping Spider

Rebel Voice cannot look at a Praying Mantis without thinking about Cain, the Shaolin monk who went walkabout in the US throughout the series, Kung Fu. In the popular show, Cain was often referred to as Grasshopper by his master, Po. OK, we hear what you’re saying, grasshoppers and Praying Mantises are not the same […]

Red Back Spider – Australia’s Architects Of The Insect World

Spiders, creepy crawly spiders. Up your arms and in your hair. In your shoes and under your chair. In your bed all while you sleep. Some bite none and some bite deep. Spiders. Now that you’ve been suitably primed, Rebel Voice is happy to present to you a program on the venomous Red Back spider […]