Earthquake Footage Compilation

This is a collection of videos from around the planet which demonstrate the power of earthquakes. Rebel Voice has a little experience of this natural phenomena having been through two (officially three) smaller ones. You are powerless to do anything but wait it out as best you can. When the earth trembles, we all must […]

7 Most Dangerous Beaches – Natural Threats

This brief list covers some of the beaches where visitors will most likely encounter natural dangers such as sharks, jellyfish and underwater snakes to name but a few. The list does not cover beaches in war-zones which are much more dangerous, due to the idiocy of some humans. It does, however, cover a pollution hotspot […]

Dangerous Climbers – Free Solo – Alex Honnold

This short piece is about the sport of free solo rock climbing. In this extreme activity, climbers scale the highest and most difficult rock faces without the aid of ropes or any other assistance. They could be thousands of feet above the ground with no safety net. Failure on such climbs means certain death. Alex […]

Cannibalism And Consequences

It’s one of the most unpalatable topics imaginable, yet that doesn’t prevent it from happening. Throughout human history there have been many recorded instances of human cannibalism. Sometimes it’s individuals who partake of this devilish feasting, but often cannibalism was a cultural norm for many more primitive peoples. Yet, even then, there were taboos. Human […]

Lightening Strikes – 10 Of The Best

This short compilation shows ten of the best lightening strikes caught on camera. It’s enough to make you find a deep hole during an electrical storm and stay there for a week coming out only for occasional sustenance and to laugh at the Donald’s hair (or whatever it is). – If you care, please give […]

Polar Bear Takes On Walrus

In this clip, David Attenborough guides us through a polar bear attack on Walruses. The male bear is hungry and desperate but the walruses have no intention of making it easy for him. Watch what happens. – If you care, please give it a share –

Largest Wave Ever Surfed – Portugal

This amazing clip shows a lunatic surfer, named Garrett McNamara, riding the largest wave yet conquered. The sheer size of this body of water hurtling forward whilst one lone individual skims its surface is hard to fully appreciate. Hats off to anyone brave enough, or perhaps crazy enough, to step onto a board and challenge […]