Fractals – Nature’s Patterns Now Used In Biomimetic Technology

In this article, Rebel Voice introduces the mysterious world of fractals. These are patterns found in nature and space which are now being replicated for use in modern technology, such as mobile phones and genetic research. This process, known as biomimetics, has proved to be extremely useful in our modern world. Velcro is probably the […]

Aussie Bloke Boxes Kangaroo

In this short clip, we see an Australian man taking on a fully grown kangaroo that has caught his dog. Roos can be extremely dangerous and have been known to gut open animals with their powerful hind legs. The man in question manages to land a punch that slows the large marsupial down. The human […]

Trail Of Tears – A Tale Of Terror Haunting The Tribes

The Trail of Tears will go down in history as one of the most shameful episodes in domestic US history. During this shocking endeavour, launched by the US Federal government, the colonial authorities decided to ethnically cleanse the land east of the Mississippi of First Nations people. Tens of thousands of indigenous people from six […]

Apache Country

This is a quick look at the glorious land that was once inhabited by the Apache people of current south-western USA. The scope of their landscape is staggering and contradicts the normal narrative that Hollywood liked to weave, where we see the Apaches as belonging to dry desert lands and inhospitable terrain. The truth is […]

The Nez Perce – A Hunted First Nations People Of Dignity

The story of Chief Joseph and his refusal to bow to the treacherous US Federal government is the stuff of legend. The pursuit of his people by US Cavalry detachments makes for a great story with an all too familiar and heart-rending ending. The treatment of the indigenous people by the colonials from Europe is […]

The Blackfoot – First Nations People

The First Nations peoples of the Americas have all been very badly treated by European colonizers of the past. They were abused, dispossessed and often slaughtered in genocidal policies not fully acknowledged by those responsible. Among the best known of all North American indigenous populations were the Blackfoot, who straddled the modern US/Canadian border. Today, […]

Volcanic Pyroclastic Flow Explained – Footage Shown

Pyroclastic flows are the stuff of nightmares. Super-heated dust-clouds sweeping down a volcano at incredible speeds consuming all before them. The population of Pompeii, or what’s left of them, are a good example of the destructive capabilities of this natural terror. What follows are three videos demonstrating the unstoppable force of the pyroclastic flow. In […]

When The Dinosaurs Died – An Exploration

Poor T-Rex, one minute he’s chomping on a Brontosaurus leg and the next he’s toast. The dinosaurs ruled our planet for millions of years. Homo Sapiens have only been here for a few hundred thousand. Yet as powerful as those terrible lizards were, fate had other plans for them, which involved having their bones poked […]

Global Ice Melt – How Bad Could It Get?

Global Warming is happening today. The Big Melt is taking place all around us. The problems with such a scenario have not been fully looked at in a way that will help prevent or alleviate the worst effects on the ground. But how bad will it get?

Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano – Awake And On The Move

Volcanoes are centres of both creation and destruction. It can be easy to see why ancient cultures worshiped them as deities, although Rebel Voice is unsure of what credibility can be attached to Scientology and its reputed aliens-in-volcanoes theory. We wonder what the hell Cruise and Travolta are thinking with that guff. In any event, […]