Soldier Ants – Meet The Different Types

The world of insects can be a fascinating place. Ants in particular, and their societies, are full of incident and accident. These complex communities can be found across the planet but are all intricately structured along practical lines. It could be said that ants are among the most prudent and pragmatic of all species. They […]

Wolves Protect Pups From Troublesome Bear

Dog versus bear. Bears, including the black variety, are omnivores. This means they will eat just about anything, except¬†your mother-in-law’s roast chicken which looks like great-aunt Edna after her cremation. Although a fully grown wolf is a handful for a black bear, wolf pups are not, and the roguish bears will take a pup when […]

Mountain Lion Attack Survivor – Hear His Story

Mountain lions, also known as Cougars and Pumas, are a large and aggressive predator of the Americas, most notably North America. They are not known to be in either the Democratic or Republican parties but perhaps should be, given that introduction. They hunt a variety of prey in the mountains and hills of the Rockies […]

Puppy Opens Its Eyes For The First Time

The video here shown is about the instinctive behaviour of a newborn mammal as it enters the big bad world. It’s an observation of the wonders of new life. But the new life in this case is a puppy. The video is of a little biddy puppy, a really cute one. Don’t that just tug […]

Leopards Learning To Hunt Catfish (Video)

It ain’t easy being a big cat in Africa. You have to chase down your food, which might hurt you severely and even kill you. You have to protect your food from other predators, including packs of giggling hyenas. You have to find and keep a mate. And you have to try to not get […]

Top 10 Terrifying Animals That Lived Alongside Humans

When deciding upon the content for this article, Rebel Voice¬†considered the addition of politicians and bankers. Unfortunately, the inclusion of those creatures would have been deemed too insulting to prehistoric animals and so they were left out. It does open the door to another article, however, perhaps titled, Monsters That Thrive As Humans Try To […]

Grizzly Bear Catching Salmon – Nature’s Great Event

The spectacle of Grizzly bears fishing for salmon in Alaska is one of nature’s great events. Great shaggy beasts gather to watch the plump fish as they fight their way upstream to spawn. The bears try to ignore those shaggy beasts as they focus on catching the salmon, but the camera-clicking can be a real […]