Wolves Hunting Bison And Calf

Wolves are the stuff or our nightmares. Humans have long had a fractious relationship with this most determined of predators. They are usually portrayed hunting exhausted prey across snowy tundra or, when not searching for food, are shown howling, usually at the moon.

Found only in the northern hemisphere, wolves are extremely social creatures. They live in highly organised packs and use this strong bond to assist in their killing of food as well as defence of their young and, of course, themselves.

One of the main preys for the Grey or Timber Wolf is the Bison. Wolves will, if necessary, try to take down a fully-grown adult. However, if available, they prefer the easier target of the calves. But even the young of the Bison are not always easy to bring down. Mamma Bisons are large, capable and aggressive when defending their offspring. The following fascinating footage gives us a look at what happens when wolves don’t have it all their own way. Rebel Voice can already hear you cheering for the iddy biddy Bison as the Big Bad Wolves try to sink their teeth into it. Enjoy.

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