US Federal Government In State Of Moral Terminal Decline

So the United States regime has decided to pull out of the United Nations Human Rights Council? What next? Will they ban puppies and children’s TV shows? Perhaps they will pass an edict that instructs all citizens to spit on anyone under the age or 7? The US federal administration is imperialist in nature. Of […]

US Military Cause Utter Destruction In Syrian Attacks

It is little known in the West that during the US attack on ISIS positions in the Syrian city of Raqqa, massive civilians casualties were caused by US artillery and shelling. The approach adopted by a gung-ho military was to view the heavily populated urban area as a free fire zone. In effect, the US […]

US Establishment Again Using Proxies For Nicaraguan Instability

The US`s Fingerprints Are All Over Nicaragua`s Bloody Civil Unrest SEE ALSO The Salvador Option: The US Is Once Again Supporting Death Squads in Central America Authored by Mac Slavo via, Bloody protests against Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega’s government have the United State’s fingerprints all over it. Over 100 people have been killed since […]

Iranian Jews Live In Equality With Their Fellow Citizens

There is a lot of anti-Iranian propaganda being disseminated today by the western media. The same approach is being used against Venezuela. The MSM is being used as a formidable weapon of war, preparing the public for eventual attacks and perhaps invasion of the targeted nations. It is a form of social conditioning. In the […]

Did Israel Kill The Kennedys?

Did Israel Kill the Kennedys? By Laurent Guyénot • Unz Review • June 3, 2018 Introduction Just after midnight of June 6, 1968, Senator Robert Kennedy was assassinated in a backroom of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. He had just been celebrating his victory at the California primaries, which made him the most likely […]

UK Arms Sales To Israel Increases By 250%

Wars need weapons. The UK has weapons. Israel wants war. Israel also wants to conduct brutal savagery against the civilians of Palestine, particularly those in Gaza. The rogue Zionist state cannot kill if it has no weaponry. If Israel is to make its own weapons, as it often does, it still requires parts and materials […]

British Spy Agencies And Their Oxbridge Origins

Readers of Rebel Voice in Ireland will be familiar with the activities of the British Spy Agencies of MI5 and MI6. Both organisations have a shady and fairly nasty history on the Emerald Isle which continues up to this very day. MI5 has a modern HQ at Palace Barracks in Holywood, just outside Belfast, an […]