Cuba’s New President To Uphold Socialist Values And Continue Success

In this article we see how the newly elected President of the Socialist Republic of Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Canel, has vowed to continue along the path set out by the Castro brothers and all the revolutionaries who founded the modern Cuban state. It must be a hope of all socialists that the beacon of humanitarianism lit […]

Syrian ‘Gas Attack’ Now Deemed To Be Fabricated?

Medical personnel on the ground in Syria give testimony that those videos show people suffering from hypoxia – not gas poisoning By Frank Sellers | The Duran | April 18, 2018 On April 7th, an attack was carried out in the town of Douma, just a few kilometers out of Syria’s capital, Damascus, which was […] […]

French Zionist Connection – President Macron

After the illegal and immoral airstrikes recently carried out against Syria by the imperialist powers of the US, UK and France, it is perhaps worth noting the connection that President Macron has to Zionism. Macron has publicly stated, even boasted, that he has ‘convinced’ Trump to keep US troops in Syria for the long-term. Of […]

World’s 5 Largest Empires

This is a flying visit to what is believed to be the 5 largest empires in human history. Some are obvious, some not. It should be remembered that context is everything, as travel was easier later in the path of our species. However, there can be no argument with number 1. Impressive. – If you […]

Robin Cook Resignation Speech Hits At Iraq War, Washington And Israel

In his sensational resignation speech, government minister and Labour MP, Robin Cook, launched a scathing attack on all those involved in provoking the second Iraq War. He criticized the US Administration for their war-mongering and double standards. He also highlighted the repeated refusal of the rogue state of Israel to comply with international resolutions, and […]

Ecuador Attacks By Unknowns – US Troops To Regain Access To Country?

This is more on the terrorism taking place on the Ecuadorian and Colombian border. Those responsible for the attacks are not yet known. But certain vested interests are calling for a return of US troops to the region. Could it be that the supposed narco-terrorism is merely a pretext for greater involvement of US military […]

US Military Invited To Ecuador

The following article deals with a story that is flying under the radar of most. There have been attacks on the military of Ecuador along the border with Columbia. It has not been stated as to who is responsible for these attacks. Keep in mind that Colombia is very pro-US and is effectively controlled by […]