10 Most Deadly CIA-backed Coups In Latin America

They are the eternal bad guys, at least for most of the planet, and for a very good reason. The CIA have been involved in causing more hardship and war across the planet in the last 70 years than any other single organisation. But the shady Federal corporation acts at the behest of the Establishment/Surplass […]

Che Guevara UN Speech – Patria O Muerte!

Country or Death! These words (in Spanish) were pronounced by the Argentine, Che Guevara, as he represented the republic of Cuba at the United Nations in 1964. His iconic presence ensured that this phrase echoed around the world, and sounded the trumpets of resistance for those opposed to Imperialism and Capitalism. Here is a quick […]

Chavismo – A Socialist Legacy To Stay Sacred

Hugo Chavez shook Latin America when he was elected President by his people in 1999. He served his nation until 2013 when cancer took him. His legacy is one of equality, opportunity and fair governance. Today, the enemies of Socialism that Chavez faced down, most notably the Federal system of the USA and its Venezuelan […]

India Squanders Money On Giant Statue As Children Go Hungry

Known as The Statue of Unity, the 182m (597ft) memorial dedicated to deceased Indian statesman, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, was begun in 2014 and completed in October, 2018. It cost an estimated $430 million. Patel was not a popular figure among many of the population of India. He had a reputation for sectarianism and is revered […]

Children Of Yemen – A Heartbreaking Portrait

It’s the crisis that the governments of the West want to smother. The conflict in Yemen has created a human catastrophe to rival any and it’s all avoidable. The problem is Saudi Arabia and its ruthless pursuit of total domination of the Arabian Peninsula. The Wahabbi regime is being assisted in their quest for power […]

Mapuche Leader Shot Dead By Chilean Fascist Forces

Mapuche is a collective noun used for the various indigenous tribes of the southern region of South America. The Moluche, Picunche and Huilliche are just three of the peoples that come under the term and can be found in both southern Chile and Argentina. They are a fiercely independent group who have never fully yielded […]