The Empire Files – US Attacks On Iran Backed By Myths & Greed For Oil

Here’s an episode from The Empire Files where Abby Martin, a US journalist of noted integrity, meets with an expert on Middle East politics to discuss moves by the Trump administration to wage war with Iran. Western mainstream media outlets, owned and operated by Capitalist corporations, are feeding the public with a series of lies and misrepresentations in an effort to program them. This is to ensure that when the inevitable war begins, an unassuming and blinkered citizenry will meekly accept the US reasoning.

In this presentation, we hear the truth about recent events. It’s shocking to understand the way in which the US regime is slyly shaping a campaign to justify full-scale war with Iran who pose no threat to the US nation. Israel, of course, has its grubby claws in this as they would see an end to the Iranian nation, long an opponent of the rogue Zionist state. The US regime, for their part, wish to see a puppet dictator installed in Iran in place of the current, independent government. If this is allowed to continue, US military and economic shenanigans might take us all screaming into that much-talked-about World War Three, and no one in their right mind would want that. Trump et al do…

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