Bram Stoker – From Dublin Childhood Sickness To Dracula, Prince Of Darkness

Dracula is big business; big bloody gory business. But who created him and what’s his story? In this offering, Rebel Voice gives you a chance to learn a little about our favourite vampire of them all. Perhaps you will love him a little after this (hope not).

Rebel Voice

Abraham ‘Bram’ Stoker, creator of Dracula, was born into an Irish Anglican family on 8th November, 1847, at the height of the Irish Famine. His father, also Abraham, was a senior civil servant in Dublin Castle and his mother an early feminist. During his childhood, Bram was stricken with a mystery illness which left him bedridden for long periods of time. It was at the age of 7 that he made a full recovery going on to become a superior athlete at Trinity College in Dublin. It was during his early illness that he developed his love of fiction and was encouraged by his nanny, Ellen Crone,  to give free rein to his imagination.

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Stoker was known as a skilled theatre critic in Dublin and attracted the attentions of the famous actor, Henry Irving, who invited Bram to manage his theatre in London called the Lyceum. The…

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