Consumerism – What Is It Really?

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For what is Consumerism? What do we really need in life? Lots more shoes? A fancy car? Gadgets? The latest phone? More gadgets? Massive TVs? Brand name clothes? Big houses with too much space? Extra gadgets? Designers kettles? Sparkly trinkets? Alcohol? Porn? Alcohol and porn? Less woodland? Poisoned rivers? Death…

Joe Rogan Meets Alex Jones – Online Persona Non Grata

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Alex Jones is a very contentious figure in the US alternative media. He ran a highly popular features show called Info Wars in which he tackled issues across the US in his own imitable style. He became infamous for his refusal to believe that the mass killings in Sandyhook, 2012,…

Heartwood – Billy Bob Holland Novel By James Lee Burke

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Heartwood by James Lee Burke Billy Bob Holland is a former Texas Ranger turned lawyer. During his gun-slinging days on the border, he killed many men, most of them Mexican drug mules transporting narcotics into Texas. It was on one of those raids that he accidentally shot and killed his…

Jethro Tull – Locomotive Breath (Hairy)

They’re crazy. Plain and simple. Jethro Tull are as mad as hatters. Perhaps that’s why they’re so successful and renowned. They’re also damned fine musicians. If you like your rock music with a heavy touch of the medieval, then this band is definitely for you. They are an entertaining cross between Iggy Pop and Blackadder. […]

Celts – 10 Fascinating Facts

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This is a light look at the Celts of Europe. The story surrounding these ancient peoples is still being discovered. In Ireland, for example, it is now thought that the Celts made little impact in the DNA of the resident people there. Like English, the Celtic family of languages seemed…

Science Fiction Versus Science Fact

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There are many academics, including Einstein, who held the opinion that imagination is the motor that drives invention, although necessity may be the fuel that powers that motor. Therefore, science fiction, which is a sector that relies wholly upon imagination, and as such can be seen to be a driver…