Liberal Zionism And The Inner Conflict

Zionism in the United States is undergoing a crisis of identity at present. While many who adhere strongly to that delusional ideology are opposed to the barbaric actions of the rogue state of Israel, they are now becoming evermore conflicted in their unconditional support of that same state, due to issues such as ethnic cleansing, […]

Joe Kovel Dies – Review Of ‘Overcoming Zionism’

In this article we learn about the prophetic writer, Joe Kovel, who sadly passed away on 30th April, 2018. His 2007 book, titled Overcoming Zionism, sold out without any fanfare and introduced the concept of serious establishment debate about the legitimacy of the Israeli state. – If you care about these issues, please share this […]

Audioslave – Be Yourself

Chris Cornell really rocks in this one. It’s best listened to naked in your car driving at high speeds down the motorway in the daytime with the cops chasing you and automatic gunfire smashing though your windscreen. Or, alternatively, you could sit at home on the sofa in your pj’s with a cup of tea. […]

Has Trump Unwittingly Doomed The Israeli State?

This is an interesting article which we thought readers would appreciate. It delves into the current US policy that is going to grant Israel all of Palestine, piece by bloody piece. However, the author points out that such a result would eventually end with Palestinian dominance of any new political entity. via Has Trump Unwittingly […]

AIPAC Rules, The United States

Originally posted on Rebel Voice:
Mint Press is an all-too-rare example of the Free Press. This post demonstrates perfectly the corruption that exists within US government circles due to the undue influence of Israel. If the people of the US could only see the truth, regarding the malign influence that the Zionist state exerts, and…

Israel’s Cyber Achilles Heel

Originally posted on Rebel Voice:
We can see how any attempts to interrupt Israel’s cyber industry are regarded as a major attack on Israel itself. The Zionist state relies heavily upon its IT industry. If said industry can be disabled or weakened, then the Israeli regime will likewise be weakened. Computers are but one Achilles…