The Transmutation, from Patriotism to Capitalism

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The Transmutation, from Patriotism to Capitalism The Empire’s dead, the Empire lives, the borders now on ledgers; the flags removed, the anthems shunned for ditties, logos, branded fun. The Empire’s dead, the Empire thrives, to feed on promise to wasted lives. A.D.

First Crusade – Part 1 – A Christian Folly?

Soldiers from western nations rushing to the Middle East to fight Muslims. Death, destruction and suffering on a vast scale, especially for those who live there regardless of whether or not they’re combatants or civilians. New military technologies employed to further imperial ambitions. Greed and supremacist beliefs driving the carnage. This is what took place […]

Tornado Hunters – Video Close-up

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The following footage was taken by storm-chasers in the US who managed to get extremely close to a massive tornado. The video shows the tremendous power that these storms possess as they cut a swath of destruction across the land. The people filming this took a chance by getting this…

Eden Project – Hope For Humanity?

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This brief overview provides an introduction to the famous Eden Project in England. This is an attempt to create a viable self-contained eco-system within man-made structures. If proven successful, the entire endeavour might be an answer to our problems of an over-populated world. Imagine an Eden bio-sphere located on Mars.…

Dangerous Climbers – Free Solo – Alex Honnold

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This short piece is about the sport of free solo rock climbing. In this extreme activity, climbers scale the highest and most difficult rock faces without the aid of ropes or any other assistance. They could be thousands of feet above the ground with no safety net. Failure on such…