Survivor’s Creed – Poem By Resident Poet, A.D.

Our resident poet, A.D., often tackles metaphysical issues. In this poem, the matter of lost children, both born and unborn, is dealt with. What is after death? Do those who have passed on now reside elsewhere? What of parallel universes? Of monkey’s with typewriters? So many questions, so little time.

[The use of ellipsis at the beginning or end of a verse is known here as Extract Poetry. The premise being that the poem then appears as if part of a larger piece, a highlight, that has been taken as an excerpt for the reader]

Survivor’s Creed

…the souls beyond despondency

hollowed to Hell’s Standard

that causes a collapse of function

into temporary oblivion

to re-boot, re-ignite, replenish the will…


…the echoes of ethereal laughter

bound along the emptied space

of phantom halls; footfalls

dance and skitter

across recycled time,

inconsequential in face of imagination

and mind; the ghostly residue of dreams

that reside beyond time and tide

in that place where worlds collide

beyond outside.

Once done, then forever.


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