Survivor’s Creed – Poem By Resident Poet, A.D.

Our resident poet, A.D., often tackles metaphysical issues. In this poem, the matter of lost children, both born and unborn, is dealt with. What is after death? Do those who have passed on now reside elsewhere? What of parallel universes? Of monkey’s with typewriters? So many questions, so little time. [The use of ellipsis at […]

The Hypocrites Of Piety – Extract Verse

This style of verse is known by A.D. as Extract Poetry or Extract Verse. The ellipsis can be used at the beginning or the end, or both, to give the impression that the writing has been taken from a larger piece. The Hypocrites of Piety … the hypocrites of piety that drizzle bullshit on fear […]

Status Report – Anti-Capitalist Poem

This piece of verse from resident poet, A.D. is formed in the Extract Poetry style. In this method, the verse is shaped to seem as if it is an excerpt taken from a larger piece of writing. The ellipsis is often used at the beginning, middle or end. Status Report  … and the meek will […]