Irish Republican Poem -Thomas Davis

Here is yet another rebel poem from the father of Irish Republican poetry, Corkman, Thomas Davis. The Vow of Tipperary From Carrick streets to Shannon shore, From Slievenamon to Ballindeary, From Longford Pass to Gaillte Mór, Come hear The Vow of Tipperary. Too long we fought for Britain’s cause, And of our blood were never […]

Irish Free Stateism = Capitalism

Originally posted on REBEL VOICE:
Partition in Ireland, in 1922, was made possible because a large portion of the adult population of the twenty-six counties readily agreed to it. By accepting the illegal, undemocratic and immoral division of our national territory, Free Staters effectively turned their backs upon hundreds of thousands of Nationalist men, women…

Savage Eye – Irish Satire – Church And Complaints

Here we have a couple of clips from the highly popular satirical Irish sketch show, Savage Eye. Irish readers will understand the exaggerated points used in these pieces. Rebel Voice laments the loss of such hard-hitting, but accurate comedy. Mrs Brown’s Boys can’t touch this. – If you care, give it a share –

Irish Folklore – The Wild Colonial Boy

The Wild Colonial Boy is an Irish-Australian ballad that recounts the exploits of an Irish emigre to Oz (or the son of Irish emigres) who got into all sorts of bother as he resisted the colonial authorities. In the original poem, his name was John (Jack) Donohoe (Donohue), said by some to have been a […]

Brendan Behan – The Laughing Boy And Famous Quotes

Brendan Behan was a hard-drinking Dubliner born in 1923 and who died in 1964. Although in the IRA’s young wing of the Fianna from an early time, it was at the impetuous age of 16 that Behan joined the IRA and took himself off to England with only a suitcase full of explosives for company, […]

Nationality – Poem By Thomas Davis

Thomas Davis was from Mallow in County Cork. He was an Irish Republican of the protestant faith. He wrote many patriotic songs and poems that are still popular today more than 170 years after his death from TB. He was aged just 30. Nationality I. A Nation’s voice, a nation’s voice– It is a solemn […]