Children Of Lír – Irish Myth

Here we have that inimitable Dubliner, Ronnie Drew, narrating the hauntingly beautiful ancient Irish myth, The Children Of Lír. This tale is a standard of the Gaelic pantheon of ancient stories. It tells of jealousy, cruelty, loss and loyalty. Perhaps the kind reader will find some aspects that are relevant to life today in a […]

Maeve And The Bull Of Cooley – Irish Legend

Here we have the roguish Dubliner, Ronnie Drew, narrating the wonderful myth of the Brown Bull of Cooley. This story features the greatest of all Irish warriors of legend, Cúchulainn. The many sites where this story is set can still be viewed today in Ulster, approximately 2000 years after the events took place. – If […]

The Streets Of New York – Ryan McMullan And The Wolfe Tones

Here are two versions of the famous Irish folk song that tells of a young emigrant who leaves his native land to seek a better life in New York. The lyrics pay homage to the strong relationship between the Irish and the New York Police Department. As is the case with many emigres, it is […]

Irish Rebel Song – Some Say The Devil Is Dead

This folk classic is here performed by The Kilkennys (I wonder where they’re from?). They are accompanied by set dancers wearing ‘heavy shoes’ who provide a wonderful percussion for a time. – If you care, please give it a share –

Fionn MacCumhail – Irish Hero Of Ancient World

Here we get to hear the story of Fionn MacCumhail – also known as Finn McCool – as it is narrated by that most solid of Dubliners, (sadly deceased) Ronnie Drew. If you would like to learn more about that name on the pub that you drink in, then this is the audio for you. […]

Battle Of Clontarf – Brian Ború Defeats The Vikings

This short documentary gives us an introduction into the lead up to the famous Battle of Clontarf when Irishmen joined together to ostensibly defeat the Vikings who were growing in strength on the island. The colonial Norsemen had assistance from treacherous Irishmen who refused to accept the lordship of the High King, Brian Ború. In […]

The Wolfe Tones – My Heart Is In Ireland

This is a standard of the folk scene in Ireland and wherever the Irish diaspora gather. It’s a lament for the emigrants and their descendants who live around the world. It can be difficult for those from some other nations to fully understand the emotional connections that Irish people have for their place of birth. […]