British Spy Agencies And Their Oxbridge Origins

Readers of Rebel Voice in Ireland will be familiar with the activities of the British Spy Agencies of MI5 and MI6. Both organisations have a shady and fairly nasty history on the Emerald Isle which continues up to this very day. MI5 has a modern HQ at Palace Barracks in Holywood, just outside Belfast, an […]

Big Wave Surfing In Ireland – Mullaghmore

Ireland is not a place usually associated with surfing, but the Emerald Isle has become something of a Mecca for those who like to ride the waves. The town of Bundoran on the west coast hosts many international surfers who can be seen hanging out in local pubs waiting patiently for the right conditions. Visitors […]

Tír Na Óg – Irish Mythology

Ronnie Drew had one of the most recognizable voices in Ireland. Whether speaking or singing, his Dublin drawl delighted audiences across the world and none more so than those at home in Ireland. In this audio, Ronnie narrates the tale of Tír na nÓg, the Land of Youth. This wondrous place was said to be […]

Irish Senator Returns From Palestine With Harsh Condemnation For Israel

Frances Black is a woman of great integrity. She has been an outspoken critic of Israel and its continuing barbaric treatment of the people of Palestine. Frances recently visited Palestine as the attacks on the protesters in Gaza were taking place. When she returned, she had much to say during a Senate session in Leinster […]

Irish Member Of Parliament Strongly Condemns Israel

Gino Kenny TD is an outspoken member of the Dublin parliament who has always been supportive of the long-suffering people of Palestine. In this clip, he highlights the recent massacre of protesters in Gaza by Israeli snipers. It remains to be seen if the Irish government has the necessary courage to take strong measures to […]

British Nationalism Hung Out To Dry By Scots

There are those amongst the British nationalist apologists in Scotland who accuse independence supporters of romanticism, of dealing in distortions of fact, but it’s a fact that there is no proponent of Scottish independence who would ever come out with something as ludicrously batshit as an article which was published this week in a site […] […]

Deidre Of The Sorrows – Irish Myth

In this narration, the lovable rogue, Ronnie Drew, takes us through the beautiful and haunting story of Deidre of the Sorrows. This is another one the most popular tales to be found in ancient Irish mythology. – If you enjoyed this, please share –