The Pogues – The Sick Bed Of Cuchulainn [Irish Folk Rock]

The Pogues are a raucous lot. They are the stuff of legend in Ireland and anywhere Irish people assemble, which is a lot of places across the world. Although a Hiberno-English band, their sound is all Irish, as is their attitude. They would be classified as a trad/folk punk band, but are so much more. […]

Irish Scenery With Musical Accompaniment

Ireland. It’s a small island on the western fringe of Europe. It has mountains, myths and madness. It contains some of the most beautiful people you will ever meet, and some of the worst. But regardless of the people, who for the most part will give you a ceád míle fáilte (hundred thousand welcomes), it […]

Lisa O’Neill – England Has My Man [Irish Folk]

Lisa O’Neill is from Cavan close to the English-imposed border in Ireland. She is a fairly fresh voice on the Irish folk scene and a favourite of local DJs who know their music. He voice is certainly distinctive and her lyrics are insightful and profound. She is one to watch for the future. If you […]

Irish Folk Ballad – Slieve Gallion Braes

This renowned and beautiful Irish ballad was reputed to have been written by James McGarvey from the County Derry portion of Slieve Gallion mountain. The mountain itself is divided between counties Derry and Tyrone although the vast majority is in the former, the latter being a veritable wasteland full of head-the-balls. This rendition is performed […]

Podge And Rodge Meet Rebecca Loos

Podge and Rodge are Irish institutions… unfortunately. This pair of cursing and swearing sex-obsessed puppets were renowned for their adult language and conversation. With Podge and Rodge nothing was sacred. In this clip, they interview reality TV star, Rebecca Loos, who was famous for her involvement with David Beckham. They do not pull their punches. […]