Ottoman Empire – Path To The Top

The Ottoman Empire was a vast political entity that stretched from Persia to southern and eastern Europe and across North Africa. It incorporated millions of inhabitants and various different cultures and ethnicities. It came close to rivaling the Roman Empire, but not quite. The collapse of the Ottoman Empire, after the end of Word War […]

Alaric And The Sack Of Rome

Alaric was a leader of the Visigoths, which is a great name for a rock band. He succeeded in sacking Rome in 410 AD. His victory shook the Roman Empire to its very foundations and paved the way for the disintegration of the greatest Empire on the planet at that time. His method of gaining […]

Attila The Hun – Meet The Man

Attila the Hun┬áruled from 434-453 A.D. and hailed from the modern lands of central and eastern Europe. He was not a founder of Rangers football club as is commonly rumoured although, if alive today, would probably support Servco as they are now known. He did succeed in wreaking havoc across Europe but failed to entirely […]

5 Most Famous Gladiators Of Ancient Rome

This is a list of 5 of the most feared and famous gladiators known today. They were all brave or perhaps slightly crazy men. The very idea of such mortal combat is shocking by today’s standards. Yet, in the ancient world, such battles were commonplace. There was also the incidence of fights against animals which […]

Hoplites – The Greek Phalanx

This is a brief look at the ancient Greek military formation of the phalanx which was used to dominate the battlefield prior to the emergence of the Roman legions. The tactic was demonstrated to great effect in the movie 300. Hoplites were those soldiers who formed the phalanx. They were armed in a regulated manner […]

Vlad The Impaler – Meet The Man

He must be one of the best known but least understood leaders in history. We know him as the fictional character, Dracula, Lord of the Nosferatu. But Vlad the Impaler lived and was all too real. The following vid gives us an introduction to this legendary ruler of the Romanian Carpathians, and there’s not a […]