The Viking Sagas – Norse Tales Of Olden Times

Those ole Vikings were a mad bunch, sailing around the world causing mayhem wherever they went. They landed on the north American continent before Columbus was ever heard of. They pushed deep into Russia down the Volga. They founded colonies in Scotland, England and Ireland and Wales. They were the progenitors of the Normans.

Of course, the Irishman (later to be a saint), Brendán, arrived in north America before them. He also discovered what is today known as Iceland, later settled by Vikings. Their powerful colony in Ireland effectively ended after the Battle of Clontarf in 1014, when the Viking King of Leinster, Sigtrygg Silkbeard (great name) got his ass handed to him by Brian Ború and his troops, although Silkbeard survived the battle and went on to be a right ole nuisance across Ireland and Wales. Silkbeard was married to Brian Ború’s daughter, so it was one hell of a family disagreement (in-laws and all that). Can you imagine what Christmas was like round that house? The Vikings were eventually forced from Ireland after that. Just saying. But you gotta wonder why it’s taking so long to get rid of Anglo-Saxon rule in the north-east of the country?

Anyway, here’s a chance to take a look at the Vikings in an attempt to confuse you even more as to what exactly these legendary warriors were all about. It’s a short about the writing of the famous Viking Sagas. Enjoy.                            

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