Is New UK Prime Minister An English Trump?

OK, he has slightly better hair than Trump, but then again an Orangutan has better hair than the pussy-grabbing menace from Queens with a father whose middle name was Christ (not kiddin’ about that). Getting back to the subject of this report, Boris Johnson has been made Prime Minister of the UK. This is both a very amusing and scary time for the people of that political entity (note: the UK is not a country nor a nation). Johnson, like Trump, is laughable. He is a clown, and was labelled as such by the Daily Mirror upon his ascendancy to the top spot in UK politics.

Both Trump and Johnson are savagely right-wing. Both are Islamophobic. Both have been accused of misogyny (gotta wonder what type of female votes for their likes? Masochists, perhaps?). Both hail from privileged backgrounds and have nothing in common with the vast majority of the people they now rule over. Both also talk shite (that’s a technical term in Ireland). Both will, ultimately, destroy their economies and make their governments the laughing stocks of the planet.

It can also be accepted that both Trump and Johnson are in thrall to Israel and Zionism, and are hell-bent on war with Iran, the last remaining local obstacle to western and Zionist control of the entire Middle East. We might laugh at the buffoonery of these two idiots, but there’s nothing remotely funny about the harm and death they will bring, and in Trumps’ case has brought, to our shaky world.

Here’s an introduction to Boris “Boke” Johnson.

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