The Tellurian Hammer Of Myth – Poem of Protest

Here’s another chance to read this poem dedicated to the fight against the forces of evil that pervade our troubled world.

Rebel Voice

Here we have a piece of verse that looks at the roles assigned to us even from birth. Whether it be a caste system, social distinctions or income levels, many children are pigeon-holed even before they are born. Societies often have expectations of the place in society that a child will have, and this is again reinforced for them as adults.

However, the poem expresses the belief that nurture is more important than nature. Therefore, we can all escape, or try desperately to escape, the bonds that others make for us. The future is not fixed. Fatalism, the poem says, is a farce. We are responsible for making our own destiny.

Perhaps such a proactive approach to life would be one way of ensuring that inherent inequalities and resultant imbalance are broken down and destroyed.

The Tellurian Hammer of Myth

Some shadows dance, some shadows call

to empty hearts that…

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