Most Mysterious Humanoid Species (Tories Not Included)

Although anthropologists have been researching humanoid species for decades now, there is still so much more to be learned. New types of humanesque creatures are being discovered as this work progresses. For example, did you know that just last week scientists found that there is a type of bi-pedal humanoid creature still living in England that was previously thought to be extinct. The Johnsonensis was alleged spotted clowning around in a remote park near Hampstead with a startled dog. Thankfully, this creature does not have the ability to breed so may disappear soon enough (or not soon enough).

The following video takes a scally at some of the more mysterious humanoid species to have been discovered. It likely that only a global, in-depth DNA survey will uncover the connections between these species and our own. Rebel Voice expects that any such investigation will explain why there are those who walk among us but do not appear to be like us. Could sociopathy have a strong inherited element, or is it simply a question of poor nurture?

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