First Crusade – Part 2 – A Christian Folly?

The Crusades were a sustained campaign over many years, by (pseudo-) Christian Europe, in which attempts were made to regain control of the Holy Lands for the benefit of the Church of Rome. These armed endeavours met with mixed results, but ultimately failed. The conflicts did, however, sow the seeds of both distrust and resentment that were to later blossom into future frictions and war. We’re still feeling the ramifications of it today.

It could be argued that The Crusades were little more than yet another example of western imperialism, a concept responsible for so much of the turmoil we see in our modern world. Although this desire by the Western corporate concerns to dominate is, today, dressed in the robes of specious democracy, flimsy garments transparent enough to see the greed beneath, in the Middle Ages religion was used to hide behind. The mindset has never changed though, and the cost to the people of the region is the same. They suffer.

Here is the second part of this light look into the catastrophic events that shook the Medieval world, generating severe repercussions that are still ringing across the globe today.

Here is part 1 of this investigation of the Crusades:

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