The Pharaoh Key – Preston & Child Thriller

The Pharaoh Key by Preston & Child (2018) Having recently finished another Preston & Child story titled ‘Beyond the Ice Limit‘, Rebel Voice decided to give the pair another chance to redeem themselves. Big mistake. The Pharaoh Key is more of the same, only even more cliched. Gideon Crew is into the last few months […]

First Crusade – Part 1 – A Christian Folly?

Soldiers from western nations rushing to the Middle East to fight Muslims. Death, destruction and suffering on a vast scale, especially for those who live there regardless of whether or not they’re combatants or civilians. New military technologies employed to further imperial ambitions. Greed and supremacist beliefs driving the carnage. This is what took place […]

Top 10 Biggest Secrets And Mysteries of Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptians have enthralled and mesmerized us for centuries. We westerners love to portray them in books, TV and movies. From mummies to alien civilizations that built the pyramids, the Egyptians have captured the public imagination and refused to let go. Yet, with all our modern knowledge and know-how, there are still many elements of […]

Akkadian Empire – Sargon The Great

After the creation of the Cradle of Civilization in Mesopotamia by the Sumer people, the Sumerian city states were then conquered by a group known as the Akkadians. This ancient collective eventually formed what is believed to be the world’s first known Empire. The most famous ruler of this short-lived political entity was Sargon The […]

300 – Spartans – First Battle Scene

This is one of Rebel Voice‘s favourite movies, or it was until Gerard Butler demonstrated his support for the warmongers of Israel. It would be interesting to see Butler try to take on the warriors of Palestine as he takes on those of Persia in this movie. Rebel Voice is willing to bet that the […]