Top 10 Biggest Secrets And Mysteries of Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptians have enthralled and mesmerized us for centuries. We westerners love to portray them in books, TV and movies. From mummies to alien civilizations that built the pyramids, the Egyptians have captured the public imagination and refused to let go.

Yet, with all our modern knowledge and know-how, there are still many elements of that ancient civilization that we simply do not understand. There is the precise mathematical alignments of both the pyramids and the sphinx, for example, that seem to indicate that they were in fact extremely advanced astronomical calendars. It has been calculated that the ancient constructions of the Pharaohs mark out the course of an Axial Precession, which keeps track of the Earth’s ‘wobble’ upon its axis. One full rotation of this wobble takes almost 27,000 years. Those by-gone Egyptians were aware of it but western science didn’t figure it out until long after those wily Egyptians had been mummified and interned.

The following video takes a fun look at just 10 of the most perplexing mysteries of ancient Egypt. Enjoy.

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