Muslim Brotherhood – Who Are They And What Power Do They Hold?

With the recent death in Egypt of Mohamed Morsi, former President of that nation, the organisation known as The Muslin Brotherhood has been in the news. Morsi was a leader of the Brotherhood before being toppled in a US-backed military coup on 3rd, July, 2013. Morsi had remained in prison ever since and there are […]

Top 10 Biggest Secrets And Mysteries of Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptians have enthralled and mesmerized us for centuries. We westerners love to portray them in books, TV and movies. From mummies to alien civilizations that built the pyramids, the Egyptians have captured the public imagination and refused to let go. Yet, with all our modern knowledge and know-how, there are still many elements of […]

Egypt’s Human Rights Abuses In Sinai

Even by the standards of Egypt’s dirty war the video circulating this week of a young boy pleading for his mother moments before he was shot in central Sinai was heartbreaking. When it comes to Egypt we hear a lot of figures – 60,000 political prisoners, 1,000 protesters massacred in a single day, 378 enforced… via […]

Hittites – Ancient Empire That Vanished

The Hittites are mentioned in the Bible as contemporaries of the ancient Egyptians. They were a powerful civilization based in modern day Anatolia. Yet unlike other such mighty empires, they disappeared so quickly as to have become something of a mystery. But tenacious archaeologists searching for their capital city made a startling discovery in Turkey. […]

Mysterious Archaeology – Hidden Information & Confusing Possibilities

This short vid looks at the strange archaeology to be found around the world. The craftsmanship demonstrated in the construction of these buildings and features is exemplary and not easy to explain using accepted theories. Much speculation arises from these constructions and this gives rise to many proposals as to how the ancients were able […]

Ozymandias – Shelley & Smith Poems Of Competition

Ozymandias is a famous poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822), the English poet and husband of the novelist Mary Shelley who wrote Frankenstein. Percy Shelley died at the young age of 30 in a boating accident off the Italian coast. The title of the poem is thought to refer to the pharaoh, Ramesses II who ruled Egypt […]

Lament In The Shadow Of Atlas

          Lament in the Shadow of Atlas I wake upon an Amazigh night Of music, dance and wine To find a World removed by song And drumbeats still, in time, With hearts held high, in simple style, Renewed in shared smiles.   There cooking slow in tangines, vast, The echoes of […]

Gaza in Ireland

A lot has been written about Palestine, whether the part that has been erroneously named ‘Israel’ by zionists, or the pieces that yet retain the ancient name. We have become fairly familiar with the statistics of abuse, discrimination and death, as created by the Israeli regime as they plough violently through Palestinian statehood and people. […]

Palestinian ‘Second State’

Just a thought, based upon recent developments regarding Palestine. Netanyahu, the war criminal, has stated in his press conference with Donald Trump, the potential war criminal, (a press conference which, I might add, resembled a jolly old boys get-together) that he will not allow a hostile Palestinian state to exist next door to Israel. He […]