Muslim Brotherhood – Who Are They And What Power Do They Hold?

With the recent death in Egypt of Mohamed Morsi, former President of that nation, the organisation known as The Muslin Brotherhood has been in the news. Morsi was a leader of the Brotherhood before being toppled in a US-backed military coup on 3rd, July, 2013. Morsi had remained in prison ever since and there are now claims that his death was no accident, with the Turkish President Erdogan among those calling it murder.

But what do we know about The Muslim Brotherhood, its origins, aims and structures? Rebel Voice has provided the following brief look at one of the most influential political groups in the Islamic world. With the controversy surrounding Morsi’s demise, it might be that the Brotherhood will regain some of its former standing. Whether or not that will be beneficial for the World of Islam or the world in general is debatable.

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