Palestinian ‘Second State’

Just a thought, based upon recent developments regarding Palestine.

Netanyahu, the war criminal, has stated in his press conference with Donald Trump, the potential war criminal, (a press conference which, I might add, resembled a jolly old boys get-together) that he will not allow a hostile Palestinian state to exist next door to Israel. He claims that it would threaten the security of the militaristic Zionist entity (that is armed with nuclear weapons).

Yet reports have emerged, in which the Egyptian puppet of zionism, Sisi, has allegedly offered Israel land in the Sinai, to be used in the creation of a ‘Palestinian State’. It is rumoured that the Egyptian president, who came to power on the back of a US inspired military coup which ousted the democratically elected Mohamed Morsi, is to receive billions of dollars in compensation for the land exchange.

Of note is the fact that there have been many incidents of attacks on Egyptian forces in the Sinai region. These military engagements have been widely reported by a Sisi-friendly Egyptian media, leading to anger within the population at the insurgents of the Sinai. This, coincidentally, will have the effect of making it easier for Sisi, eventually, to convince the people of his nation that it would be best to give up the entire Sinai area to any new Palestinian authority.

Such a ploy is not new, as the PA chief, Mahmoud Abbas, who many would describe as an Israeli lacky, reported such an offer some time ago from Sisi. Abbas claims to have refused. The entire matter was then smothered by the mainstream media which is, as we know, either controlled by or heavily influenced by zionist concerns.

While this entire ‘new state’ proposal is farcical, it is also evidently steeped in hypocrisy. Any new Palestinian state created within the territory of both Gaza and the Sinai, would still be next door to Israel. It would additionally be incredibly hostile, given that Palestinians would have lost almost all of Palestine, with most being forcibly evacuated to the new faux state.

Netanyahu’s own fanciful claims regarding Israel’s safety, run contrary to the idea and reality of a ‘second Palestine’ located next door but slightly further south. Thus we can yet again see how Israeli deceptions are exposed by those who plan them.

It will be interesting to see if Trumps’ new approach, as mentioned in the press conference with his good friend ‘Bibi’, will encompass the aforementioned proposal. Expect them to play good cop, bad cop, in an attempt to patronize not only the people of Palestine, but also the people of the world, who are tired of the continual lies being disseminated by Israel and its supporters.

Israel’s moves in settlement building/colonization, are a clear indication that the zionist state is intent on completely changing the demographics of the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights, in preparation for a future claim that the land is mostly inhabited by zionists who will then vote for inclusion into the sordid Israeli state. This will be sold to the international community as ‘democracy’, and mirrors how the Israeli state was created in the first place.

It may be that the word ‘gerrymander’ does not exist in Israeli books, or in the minds of the majority of its adult population. If this is so, then the word will find good company with a number of others such as decency, honesty, humanitarianism, child protection, justice, equality, human rights, territorial integrity, honour and, of course, Palestine.

When considering Israel, we can be certain of one thing, Israel wants what Israel wants, and anyone who gets in their way will be removed, not by fair means, as Israel knows nothing of such a concept, but by foul. And ‘foul’ is the perfect word to describe both the existence and behaviour of the supremacist, sectarian, colonial state of Israel.

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