Jamal Juma Of Gaza Speaks Of The Palestinian Crisis

The following is a solid interview with Jamal Juma, coordinator of the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign. In it, he provides us with valuable insight into conditions in Gaza and across wider Palestine, as well as suggesting a way forward to end the ongoing Palestinian Crisis. Global events appear to indicate that as bad as it currently […]

Israeli Squatters Using Drones To Spy On Palestinians Residents

The illegal Israeli settlement of Efrat has become the first to use drone technology to observe Palestinians in the surrounding area, according to the Jerusalem Post. The $37,000 unmanned aerial device was paid for by the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ) and is the first time settlers have been given such high grade… via […]

Miko Peled Speaks On Palestine And Zionism

In this video of Miko Peled, the acclaimed anti-Zionist from that part of Palestine known by some as Israel, he talks upon the creation of the Zionist state and highlights the injustice that is Israel, and the injustices perpetrated by Israel. Peled comes from a strong Zionist Israeli family. His grandfather signed the Israeli ‘Declaration […]

Palestinian ‘Second State’

Just a thought, based upon recent developments regarding Palestine. Netanyahu, the war criminal, has stated in his press conference with Donald Trump, the potential war criminal, (a press conference which, I might add, resembled a jolly old boys get-together) that he will not allow a hostile Palestinian state to exist next door to Israel. He […]

The Amona Distraction

It was with resignation that I read the recent Irish News article entitled, ‘Israeli forces evict Jewish settlers from Palestinian land’ (Feb 2nd). The story concerned the eviction of 250 illegal settlers from the Amona settlement in the Occupied West Bank.  The narrative attempted to portray the Israeli PM, Netanyahu, as something of a peacemaker […]

The truth of Palestine

Many astute commentators have drawn comparisons between the behaviour of Israel and that of the Nazi regime. There is much truth in such an analogy. During the Nazi reign of terror, Jewish citizens were discriminated against and persecuted. They were forced to wear yellow stars, and segregation from other Germans was enforced in an attempt […]

Israel in Scotland? – A Comment On Zionist Hypocrisy

The Israeli state was created in 1948 by foreign nationals whose ancestors (in some cases) are believed to have resided in the land of Palestine. These descendants returned to the region with the intention of taking the territory from the indigenous people and expelling them in the process. In most instances the Zionist migrant families […]