Know Your Zionist Enemy – Creative Community For Peace (CCFP)

The Zionist organisation, based in Hollywood and known as Creative Community for Peace (CCFP), was founded in 2011 by David Renzer (former head of Universal Publishing Group and Chairman/CEO of Spirit Music Group), Steve Schnur (executive at the leading game producer EA) and Ran Geffen-Lifshitz (an Israeli based music producer).

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CCFP sprang to prominence in 2014 when, during the Israeli slaughter in Gaza during which 526 children died, including 180 who were aged 5 years or younger, CCFP published a letter in which they ignored the Israeli carnage and brutality to instead focus negatively on the democratically elected political party, Hamas, who were in governance of Gaza at that time.

The letter was signed by approximately 300 Hollywood bigwigs from movie, music and T.V. including Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone. CCFP has a number of Board members such as Jody Gerson (co-President of Sony/ATV Music Publishing), Ron Fair (former chair of Geffen records) and Rob Prinz (Head of Music at United Talent Agency) with considerable reach within Hollywood. These individuals represent ‘artists’ such as Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake who have performed in Israel regardless of the Zionist Apartheid regime in place there. Fair has also produced albums for acts such as the Black Eyed Peas and Christina Aguilera. The core members of CCFP are extremely well connected within the entertainment industry.

As CCFP state on their propaganda website,

‘CCFP remains the only Entertainment Industry organization galvanizing and educating our peers to counter cultural boycott efforts against Israel. Our high level board and staff are constantly at work behind the scenes supporting coexistence and working to ensure that artists continue to travel to and perform in Israel, and that Israeli artists aren’t boycotted abroad.’

Yet CCFP does not have its desired status as a tax-exempt charity that is recognized by the US Internal Revenue Service. It is currently partnered with the aggressively Zionist faction known as StandWithUs, widely understood to be a right-wing US pro-Israeli cabal of activists. StandWithUs, which is an established ‘charity’ receives donations from CCFP and then channels these funds to the Hollywood bloc. CCFP donors are, therefore, able to claim tax deductions from their contributions to Zionism. CCFP also shares office space with StandwithUs and they are, therefore, inextricably linked.

StandWithUs is also known as Israel Emergency Alliance. When questioned about their links to these overtly hardline groups, CCFP had this response:

CCFP HAS our own mission statement and our Board of Advisors operates completely independently. Our operations, editorial decisions and strategy and direction are all set by the Co-Founders and Advisory Board of CCFP.  Launching a 501c3 recognized by the IRS takes time and involves various costs. We are a relatively young organization and for expediency and to save costs we launched as a DBA of Israel Emergency Alliance, which is the name of the 501c3, so that donors are able to get the tax benefit.

CCFP has focused a great deal of its energies upon attacking the humanitarian BDS movement which advocates a boycott of Israeli goods as a means of pressuring Israel into ending its Apartheid policies and continuing ethnic cleansing of the people of Palestine. This particular faction within the Zionist machine has also singled out the well respected singer/ songwriter, Roger Waters, who has consistently highlighted the many and obvious injustices meted out to the Palestinians by the Israeli regime.

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Sadly, public knowledge of the tactics of Zionist cooperatives, such as CCFP, has not prevented many influential celebrities from standing behind their fatuous banner. Ben Silverman (former co-Chair of NBC Entertainment), Gary Ginsberg (Executive vice President of Time Warner) and Samuel Schwartz (co-founder of the music talent agency, Gorfaine/Schwartz) are all supporters.

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Yet CCFP has also adopted some positions on Palestine that are not accepted among many north American Jewish Zionists. On the matter of settlements, CCFP does not believe that such colonial squats are an obstacle to peace with the Palestinians. Presumably, CCFP believes that it is OK to steal a person’s land before sitting down to negotiate the stealing of that person’s land with the person who has just had their land stolen.

In keeping with the questionable ethos of StandwithUs, CCFP also disputes the use of the term ‘Occupation’ when describing the Israeli presence in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. The well-funded group are, upon closer inspection, little more than a glamorous mouthpiece for the Israeli regime. It is telling that such Zionist factions are all interconnected and work together in their aggressive drive to justify the relentless immorality of Israel. CCFP refuses to accept that which everyone knows; namely that Israel is engaged in the promotion of Apartheid, and is determined to annex all of Palestine regardless of the cost in Palestinian lives.

Anyone who is a member of CCFP is no friend to humanitarianism.

Anyone who donates to CCFP is no friend to justice.

Anyone who makes excuses for CCFP is no friend to equality.

Anyone who supports CCFP is no friend to peace in Palestine.

Rebel Voice asks that all those who are involved with Creative Community for Peace be outed and ostracized.

Boycott Creative Community for Peace

If you care about this issue, please tell others


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